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Delivery Settings

I have this vision of myself prepping for the day in the morning. Hit snooze one time, roll over, and catch up on all my favorite blogs while I pry myself from sleep. Get my brain gears turning so I’ll be inspired while I get dressed and eat breakfast. Then I have the most productive day in history!

This. Never. Happens. I snooze for at least half an hour, eat breakfast closer to afternoon because I just forget, and I never start my day with blogs. In fact, there are few blogs I do read, and I can’t even do that regularly. I get wrapped up in this or that and then it’s the next day and I’m forgetting about breakfast again. It’s a vicious cycle.

I want to keep up with my favorite bloggers. And one of my favorite things about blogging on WordPress is the “Reader,” where all the blogs you follow are collected for you, with most recent posts on top. This idea is great, except it’s on a whole different page from my dashboard. And so, I forget about it. A few weeks ago I said, “No more!” I’m a terrible member of the blogging community and I’m embarrassed by this. So I went into the Reader and changed all the delivery settings to email, so new posts will go to the one page I ALWAYS have open- my email! Then I waited.

And waited.

And after 3 days I forgot. Completely. No email updates, forgot about the Reader, forgot that I was even expecting anything. The only blogs I semi-regularly read are the ones I follow on Facebook. And even that involves a lot of, “save this link for later.” On Monday I remembered again, and had to dig around in my settings.

Apparently, in the actual delivery settings page, I had selected, “block all emails from WordPress.” I probably did this 4 years ago when I first started blogging when being inundated with emails was overwhelming and the Reader was set up differently and easy for me to use/remember. So, I’ve updated that. And email subscribed to a few others. I’m still working out how to not lose them in the mess that is my inbox, but it’s a start.

I just look absent.

I know it basically looks like I hate my blog and I’ve abandoned it. This is (mostly) not true! I uninternationally back burnered it and let sewing consume my free time.

But look! I have a collection of draft postings just waiting to be finished! (Read:started. I haven’t gotten further than the tittles on most of these.)

Neglected Blog

Balance has always been a struggle for me. If I blog all the time, I don’t sew. If I sew all the time, I don’t hang out with anyone. If I try to be more social, I don’t mail out shop orders in a timely fashion. If I want to read a book, I forget to eat lunch.

Now, I don’t know about where you are, but it’s a beautiful day at our house so I’m going to go exploring! Or organize my work space with the windows open :)

Writing thank you notes

I feel like I struggle with a lot of things that come naturally to other people. Things I know I shouldn’t struggle with, like walking, telling time, differentiating between left and right, and writing thank you notes.

It takes me hours to write just a couple. I have to plan out what I want to say in my head, write it on scrap paper, then write the note. And the writing is probably the hardest part because 1) my hand writing leaves something to be desired, 2) I’m not a strong speller, and 3) sometimes my hand moves faster than my brain. As in I write the wrong word or just a jumble of letters.

This one took me 3 tries:


And one of those times I misspelled “Kerry”. Yeah, you read that right. I got my own name wrong.

Here are tonight’s casualties:


It took ten cards to write 4 notes. HashTag KerryProblems.

Whale mail

Over the weekend I received the cutest little package from my friend, Scott:

Almost as a bonus he triple wrapped it. And I love unwrapping things!

How cute is this guy? And what did I find inside?

Some of the most adorable whale note cards I have ever seen!

Thanks, Scott! I can’t wait to use them :)

How-to write a cover letter

It’s spring, and a lot of people are graduating from college soon and need jobs. Yikes!

Actually, if you need a job for when you graduate in a month you probably should have started applying at the beginning of March so… get on that!

“But Kerry!” you might be thinking. “I can fill up a resume no problem but I get hung up on cover letters!”

Well, me too. It’s hard for me to say nice things about myself and be SERIOUS about it! I can prance around all day saying, “I’m awesome!” or, “I’m hirarious!” or, “I’m a riot!” but I say it with a smirk or a twinkle in my eye so that people know I’m joking. Patty raised a litter of humble kids, gosh darn it! And I generally try to stay true to my roots.

BUT NOT ON COVER LETTERS! Unless you’re 24 and like living with your parents (ahahahhahah, that’s me).

STEP ONE: Why you want the job!

I want this baking job because I love cookies. I want to work at PetCo because I love washing puppies.

STEP TWO: Why you’re good for it!

You’ve been baking for 12 years and have a slew of tried and true recipes to bring to the table? You volunteer at an animal shelter over the summer and love puppies?

STEP THREE: Examples of how awesome you already are!

You won the “Best Cookie” award at last year’s Peach Festival? You once rescued 12 puppies from a burning building and made front page of the local newspaper? These are the things you want to share.

STEP FOUR: Conclusion!

Make it snappy, these people have hundreds of applications to read.

All my love,
(pick a different valediction than this one)


(Special thanks to DMo on this one!)

Remember to write a new cover letter for each job you apply for! You may be able to get away with a standard resume but if you tell the bakery about how much you love puppies they are going to get confused and ignore you.

Good luck out there!

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