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Recent projects

Here are just a few things I’ve been working on lately:

New packaging for items (in part because this mail guy at the post office keeps telling me my packages are “too flat” and will only send them as envelopes. This wouldn’t be a problem except that it messes up my shipping charges and I can’t get delivery confirmation. So it’s kind of a problem.)

new packing )

Some new, larger bags. I had a hobo bag pattern I’ve used in the past, but it wasn’t my own and one of my major shop goals has been to create and use my own patterns.

owl bag)

erlerphant bag

And the baby seat cover!

baby seat cover)

Almost 6 months ago, my friend’s mom asked if I could take a look this thing and either make a new one or fix it. Naturally, I said yes and have done neither.

I wanted desperately to make a new one, but there are so many indents and shapes that every time I try I just can’t wrap my head around it. So I have resolved to 1)re-pad the crap out of it and 2) not work on another project until this is completed.

Have you been working on any fun (or not-so-fun) projects lately?

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