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And now for something completely different-

A man with two noses!

Just kidding. But I thought I would share a NICE work story! Some days are rough. It’s like bullets of negativity are coming from every direction. And then someone will say something so incredibly nice that nothing else matters.

work stories 20Has anyone unexpectedly brightened your day lately?


Work story, 19

The case of the “wrong” number…

work stories 19

February in review.

I realize I don’t have a ton of content to choose from here since I accidently took a blogging break in the middle of the month. Oops. But I do have enough to pick out a few favorite from!

My favorite posts from February:

The man at work who gave me an old telephone number

work stories 1602

I shared some of my recent projects. I’m still working out some final design elements for the adventure bag, but it’s testing really well so far.


I finally got a chance to grill up some Panda when my parents went away!


And my favorite whale find was… This intricate and beautifully detailed whale card!


I Mom shared that grill picture of Panda on Facebook and she got a lot of suggestions for where he should go next. But they were all places he’s already been! (Like the dryer, the microwave, the oven.) I was thinking that maybe I should have a Funny Situations starring Panda page, where all of his adventures would be in one easy-to-find place? What do you think?

Work Stories, “What about my cane?”

work stories 17

Work stories 16.

work stories 16

Work Stories: My unicorn sweater.

Work Stories 12


Work stories. The DOR was closed today!

In my job, I have to work with the Department of Revenue fairly often. Mostly we collect sales tax for them, but sometimes we have to call to get information on car dealerships. Usually it’s simple. “Hi DOR, is this California dealership registered with you? No? Great, thanks.” or “Hi, DOR? Is this New Hampshire dealership registered with you? Yes? Awesome, thanks.”

Well today the Department of Revenue was closed because they are based out of Boston, and Boston was pretty publicly on lock down. And this dude bought a car from a dealer in Ohio for about half it’s value and didn’t want to pay tax on the full value. (Understandable. I wouldn’t either.) And he convinced the dealership yesterday to register with the Mass DOR (rare for a dealership to do for a single customer). But the dealer failed to provide their Mass Tax ID number, so we have to call DOR and verify that the dealer is registered. Conundrum commence.

work stories 10 part 1

work stories 10 part 2

I can understand being frustrated. I get that. But there’s a time and a place where it’s just sort of… inappropriate.

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