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Wednesday Whale Love

I saw this basket and instantly knew I wanted it for the perfect whale-themed picnic.


No picnic is complete without some fancy glasses like these diving narwhals!


And while it probably isn’t practical to use glass dishware at a picnic, I couldn’t over look this clever plate set. There’s no questioning where to place the little plate!


Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday Whale Love: Knives!

Yeah. Knives. Because they make WHALE-SHAPED KNIVES.

This is an art knife. But I would probably use it as a cheese knife or a veggie-platter knife. Because I don’t use knives a lot when I’m sewing or crafting but I DO use knives a lot when I’m cutting cheese and veggies. Also it’s handmade and has a different patter on the reverse so it’s amazing!


This would also be a cheese knife. Also, this knife is available in two different shops. Which at first had me all, “Uhm, hello, why even have Etsy anymore if people can just buy up a bunch of cool knives and sell them super cheap.” But I realized that it it might still be one guy who sells the knives himself and as a contributing craftsman for a different shop. Anyway, the source link takes you to the less expensive knife.


And these little cuties. Knife rests. Yeah, it’s a thing! I didn’t know, either. But I like them.


Hope everyone is have a terrific Wednesday!

Wednesday Whale Love: Socks

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE socks. While I don’t always like wearing shoes, I super like having my feet covered. For warmth! In the winter I layer socks over my tights inside my boots, and I treat socks like slippers when I’m puttering around the house. The only time I don’t like wearing socks is when I’m sleeping. I have a whole dresser drawer devoted to them, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t add a pair or two more ;)

I love the sharp contrast of this pair. Plus, those whales are real cute.


It looks like mint is going to be a big color this year, so I need this pair to stay on trend.


And these ones: so cool! Whales under and above the sea? C’mon, just try to tell me these aren’t sweet.


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Wednesday Whale Love: Night Lights

I slept with a night light until I was 17, so night lights will always have a special place in my heart.

Sweet and simple:


This one is really neat- I like the color a lot.


And my favorite find:


And I know the perfect bed-side table I would keep it on ;)

I hope everyone’s week is going well so far! Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Whale Love!

I know I’ve been absent for a while and I was working on this elaborate post where I explained myself but then I was just kind of like, “Uhm, nah……” (Although it is saved in drafts so maybe it will make an appearance in the future.)

The holidays are just around the corner and you might need an idea or two for that special whale-lover in your life. My go-to for all things gifts is always Modcloth. Always. I spent 3 hours on my phone last night browsing gifts. And I finished my shopping weeks ago. But this whale whisk is a great idea for any chef! Quirky kitchen gadgets are always a hit.


For the clean-freak in your life, this adorable nail brush will brighten up their bathroom & their finger nails.


And perhaps the item I have been coveting most since I moved into my apartment, the Whale Welcome Mat.


The perfect mat for the perfect home.

I hope everyone’s Wednesday is warm and dry! We’ve gone some kind of rain/snow mix happening outside right now and the view from my window is about as close as I’m willing to get to it :)

Wednesday Whale Love

As if I didn’t think ModCloth was great enough, they have to go and stock these amazing shoes!


I’m literally drooling over here, guys. I’ll be keeping a close eye on these babies- I can only hope they go on sale before they sell out.

I would love to hang this on my wall:


I have a lot of slanted walls, so space is a little limited. But for this print? I would make it work.

And I think this little carpet is the only thing missing from my bathroom collection:


I already have the toothbrush holder and the shower curtain. Plus, I could really use a little rug for in front of the sink :)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday Whale Love

Whale duffle edition!

I want to make a duffle bag. I’ve been looking for patterns online and studying them in stores (read: Target) get get a better idea of how they’re made. I want to create something simple but still give it my own spin. Here are some beauts I happened upon in my research.

I’ve seen a larger, blue version of this one before.


I really like how the mouth is an extra pocket. I LOVE pockets!

I wish, wish, WISH I had the patience to knit / crochet because I would be all about something like this:


But I just can’t get into it. It takes too long for me to transfer the idea in my head into a net of yarn knots. I have a friend who’s pretty good at it, though. I’ll just leave the crocheting to her.

I think this one is my favorite though:


I like how the front part is 2 pockets, it puffs up to a realistic whale shape, and it looks pretty roomy.

When/ if I ever get around to this project I will definitely share pictures!

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