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Another Wednesday Whale love!

Ever since I got those awesome towels for my birthday, I’ve had my eye out for more whale towels. I’m especially keen on these dish towels from Zen Threads:

(I’m pretty sure my friends got me a t-shirt from them for Christmas!)

Not that I’m in the market to buy any more fabric right now (since I have two overflowing bins), but this Maritime Moby is at the top of my must-have list.

Something about grays and yellows together always catch my eye. Also, the whales! Aha.

Pretty soon I’ll start looking for a new sweatshirt. I have a half dozen plain pull overs that I love, but it looks like H&M has stopped carrying them! Since mine are wearing out I have to start planning for the fall. I kind of like this one:

But I’m not sure if it’s too cutesie or if it’s too long. Or too expensive. I try not to spend more than $20 on a sweatshirt because I know I’m just going to destroy it, and this is almost double! I guess I have plenty of time to figure it out, but I know it’ll be cold again in no time!

Hope you’re having a fab Wednesday and that your week isn’t dragging on!


Wednesday Whale Love!

That’s right, it’s Wednesday again! Already! And check these neat whale finds I… found… :)

Cute little whale gift boxes. Think of the candies and trinkets you could fill them with!

This awesome little print:

This bracelet is beautiful! And customizable you say? Oh, yes please! I don’t wear bracelets too much anymore, but rest assured. I would rock this baby every day.

Hope you’re having a fab Wednesday! I’ve got a sewing date with my cousin later! Can’t wait to see what creations we turn out today :)

Wednesday Whale Love #60

While hunting for a birthday present for my brother, I happened upon a boat load of beautiful whale accessories on Etsy! So strange that that happened…

This really neat necklace:

This cute little brooch:

I actually received a similar one in the mail last year around my birthday! I wear it on my jacket :)

And this cool bag:

I can make my own totes, but I love how SBMathieu makes her own stamps! Her whole shop is cute, check it out if you have a few minutes!

WWL: holiday edition!

This is happening.


Joey got me Spashy the Whale! And a mug! (pictured next)

photo (11)

Bob got me a tooth brush holder and cell phone case!

photo (10)

My parents got me that necklace I shared a couple weeks ago!

As part of the Festivus gift swap I partook in (orchestrated by Emily at The Waiting) , Laments And Lullabies gave me this beautiful print!


Claire and Kevin got me this picture of a shirt!


Jordan got me fabric!

whale fabric!

Heather got me the SOFTEST whale plush I have ever felt in my life!

photo (12)

Thanks, everyone, for a WHALE of a holiday!


Red Sox whale

So I have this new guy in my life. And we’ve been hanging out, having fun, and sharing little pieces of ourselves with each other. Which is, you know, cute but also something I’m totally not used to. I’m used to holding up in my room for days at a time and blocking out all human contact and face-to-face social interaction and just sewing.

Anyway, I’d been racking my brain for something to MAKE for him! I basically don’t know how to sew gifts for boys, but I love sewing so this was really important to me. Obviously he doesn’t need a cute clutch. I don’t know how to make wallets, plus he already has one so that would be pointless. A change purse seemed silly.

But then I was like, “Well, he loves the Red Sox. And I love whales. Maybe I can find a way to- GOT IT!”

Red Sox whale! Duh, Kerry. Honestly, the answer was staring me in the face and it took me days to come up with.

Look at that little cutie! I used my whale pattern and replaced the blue and cream fleece with red and Red Sox print. Success!

Wednesday Whale Love <3

My friend Claire found these amazing pillow shams:

This happy, bow-tie wearing whale:

And our very own Massachusetts license plates!

I love, love, LOVE these plates but always forget about them! Luckily for you, my friend Stephanie said, “Hey, why don’t you put the whale plates on your blog?”

Have a fantastic Wednesday! I have the day off so I might take Panda for a car ride later on :)

Whale love

Heather, who I know from college, shared this amazing ear-bud case pattern with me!

Now, I’m not a knitter or crocheter, but this is something I’d defiantly like to try and make some day.

Scott shared this amazing towel with me last week:

It’s beautiful!

And this felt pin is awesome. Check that detail!

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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