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Wednesday Whale Love

I’ve been eyeing these towels for awhile now. I’m a huge fan of white towels- they’re super easy to clean and disinfect because you can just toss them in the wash with a bit of bleach. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t LOVE some decorative towels to hang on the oven handle ;)





Another week already halfway over. Where does the time go? Hope it’s a good one!


Another Wednesday Whale love!

Ever since I got those awesome towels for my birthday, I’ve had my eye out for more whale towels. I’m especially keen on these dish towels from Zen Threads:

(I’m pretty sure my friends got me a t-shirt from them for Christmas!)

Not that I’m in the market to buy any more fabric right now (since I have two overflowing bins), but this Maritime Moby is at the top of my must-have list.

Something about grays and yellows together always catch my eye. Also, the whales! Aha.

Pretty soon I’ll start looking for a new sweatshirt. I have a half dozen plain pull overs that I love, but it looks like H&M has stopped carrying them! Since mine are wearing out I have to start planning for the fall. I kind of like this one:

But I’m not sure if it’s too cutesie or if it’s too long. Or too expensive. I try not to spend more than $20 on a sweatshirt because I know I’m just going to destroy it, and this is almost double! I guess I have plenty of time to figure it out, but I know it’ll be cold again in no time!

Hope you’re having a fab Wednesday and that your week isn’t dragging on!

Whale love

Heather, who I know from college, shared this amazing ear-bud case pattern with me!

Now, I’m not a knitter or crocheter, but this is something I’d defiantly like to try and make some day.

Scott shared this amazing towel with me last week:

It’s beautiful!

And this felt pin is awesome. Check that detail!

Wednesday Whale Love

Summer fun edition!

This bathing suit:

I bought the top at one Target and skipped the bottoms because they were out. Then I found the bottoms at another Target a week later and completed the outfit :)

This is the perfect beach bag:

And it’s kind of sand colored so it won’t show when it’s dirty! Look at this girl, always thinking.

And to complete your whaletastic beach adventure:

I wouldn’t even bring it to the beach. I would use it as a house coat.

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