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Wednesday Whale Love

My cousin, Michelle, shared this really clever idea with me via Pinterest. I’m dreaming of the dinner parties I can center around these adorable little cheese whales!


This shirt is too cute. Whales in Love? With a sunset background? On a shirt? Yes, please!


All I can say about this tape is WANT. It would be the perfect addition to all the orders I send out!


Hope everyone’s had a great week so far! I’m off to finish up a mini-pouch invasion in the shop ;)


Wednesday Whale Love: Want List.

The holidays are creeping up fast and I know it is sometimes difficult for my family to shop me. My brother Joey already asked me outright what I wanted, but where is the surprise?! So this week’s Wednesday Whale Love will double as a want list. You’re welcome, family!

(Obvi, these are loose ideas if you’re in a creative bind. I will love anything you get me. EXCEPT sour candy.)

This amazing sweatshirt:


Size medium, gray is fine. The other animals make it fun, but I’m all about those front-and-center whales!

I was really after a sweater. I just got a bird sweater and an owl sweater and I saw a fox sweater but no where can I find a whale sweater! Even though this is a men’s sweater, I think I could still rock it with a pair of skinny jeans.


Size medium, I like the orange one best. It’s wool, which leads me to believe it might be itchy, but hopefully I could fit a long sleeved shirt under it without bulking it up too much.

I think this is just a shirt with a hood attached, but that’s kind of cool.


Any color but white, and probably a medium. Honestly, I just really like that whale!

So, in conclusion, I hope everyone is having a fab week!

Yeah. Yeah, I transition well.

WWL: holiday edition!

This is happening.


Joey got me Spashy the Whale! And a mug! (pictured next)

photo (11)

Bob got me a tooth brush holder and cell phone case!

photo (10)

My parents got me that necklace I shared a couple weeks ago!

As part of the Festivus gift swap I partook in (orchestrated by Emily at The Waiting) , Laments And Lullabies gave me this beautiful print!


Claire and Kevin got me this picture of a shirt!


Jordan got me fabric!

whale fabric!

Heather got me the SOFTEST whale plush I have ever felt in my life!

photo (12)

Thanks, everyone, for a WHALE of a holiday!



The whale on this t-shirt is so detailed. Look at his little hat!

I would love to have these to hang my coats and sweatshirt on.

And these pins are just too cute. You could have a whale for every outfit!

Wednesday Whale Love, v7

This is just beautiful:

I would wear this every day:

Like, every day. I would probably give all the whales names, ahahaha.

And this:

would be great for keeping all kinds of things in! Car keys, stray earrings, small scissors, soda can tabs, a fish (that might not actually work), candy, etc.

I was having a hard time finding whale things on the internet UNTIL I searched Etsy. I’ve been able to find so many great things there (in case you couldn’t tell) and the BEST part is almost everything is hand crafted. Which is amazing! I’ll be posting more whale finds from Etsy, but if you’re ever in the market for, well, basically anything, you can probably find it on there.

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