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Wednesday Whale Love!

I have so many whale wonders to share with you! Every time I find something neat I try to favorite it, pin it, or bookmark it so I have a ton of stuff to choose from.

A few weeks ago I came across this GORGE necklace!


I love the intricate bone details in it. I would rock this every day.

This custom print fabric is adorable.


I would love to have this in my stash but I just can’t justify spending that much money on a quarter yard of fabric right now. And it comes in so many different colors!

When I first stumbled upon this little fella, my jaw literally dropped.


It was the mustache and monocle that won me over. He is too cute!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Wednesday Whale Love #60

While hunting for a birthday present for my brother, I happened upon a boat load of beautiful whale accessories on Etsy! So strange that that happened…

This really neat necklace:

This cute little brooch:

I actually received a similar one in the mail last year around my birthday! I wear it on my jacket :)

And this cool bag:

I can make my own totes, but I love how SBMathieu makes her own stamps! Her whole shop is cute, check it out if you have a few minutes!

WWL: holiday edition!

This is happening.


Joey got me Spashy the Whale! And a mug! (pictured next)

photo (11)

Bob got me a tooth brush holder and cell phone case!

photo (10)

My parents got me that necklace I shared a couple weeks ago!

As part of the Festivus gift swap I partook in (orchestrated by Emily at The Waiting) , Laments And Lullabies gave me this beautiful print!


Claire and Kevin got me this picture of a shirt!


Jordan got me fabric!

whale fabric!

Heather got me the SOFTEST whale plush I have ever felt in my life!

photo (12)

Thanks, everyone, for a WHALE of a holiday!



My friend Jay shared this adorable necklace with me last week:

This ornament is beautiful:

And this print is to die for:

It reminds me of the ship from The Life Aquatic!

Hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly :)

Wednesday whale love: ModCloth Madness

ModCloth always has really neat items to browse though. Here are some of my recent whale finds!

This necklace is pretty cool:

I love this travel bag!


And this matching shower curtain would make any bathroom complete:

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Wednesday whale love :)

Who doesn’t need a good pair of rain boots? Especially if they’re covered in whales!

This necklace is absolutely beautiful:

And I LOVE this door knocker!


Wednesday Whale Love, v7

This is just beautiful:

I would wear this every day:

Like, every day. I would probably give all the whales names, ahahaha.

And this:

would be great for keeping all kinds of things in! Car keys, stray earrings, small scissors, soda can tabs, a fish (that might not actually work), candy, etc.

I was having a hard time finding whale things on the internet UNTIL I searched Etsy. I’ve been able to find so many great things there (in case you couldn’t tell) and the BEST part is almost everything is hand crafted. Which is amazing! I’ll be posting more whale finds from Etsy, but if you’re ever in the market for, well, basically anything, you can probably find it on there.

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