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Wednesday Whale Love

I’ve been scouring Etsy for whale-print fabrics and lemme tell you, there’s more to choose from than ever! Nowhere close to the number of owl prints out there. Still cute but, I mean, it’s not The Tragic OWL. Am I right? Anyway, here are the ones at the top of my “buy” list (as soon as fabric intervention ends).

This one has to be my favorite. I love the different whales and the all the details!


These whales are just precious. And if I ever decide to stock the shop with holiday-themed bags, this print would be great for Independence Day!


This print feels spring-ish to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. But I don’t love the cold so I’m all ready for spring.


If you come across any great whale prints, be sure to let me know in the comments or by email! Thanks!


Stationary DIY

I recently found some awesome whale stamps at A.C. Moore and decided I could use them to make my own stationary. Here’s how!

You will need:

– computer or type writer
– paper
– paper cutter
– some fun stamps
– ink

Let’s get started!

I’m going to use my computer on this one. In Microsoft Word, I separated my page into two columns and slapped some words on there. I went with “from the desk of the tragic whale” but feel free to change it up a bit.


Cut the pages in half using the paper cutter. Now you have a bunch of perfect little pages that fit just right in an envelope! (I always run into a problem with full-sized sheets. Is there even a way to fit them in an envelope without making them look awful?!)

Get your ink and stamps ready because it’s time to jazz up your pages. You can stamp anywhere on the page, so get creative. Maybe you create a series using the same design but placing it in different spots on the paper. I like continuity so I put all mine in the same spot.

And you’re done! As long as the ink is dry, your stationary is ready for use. I’m going to use some of mine right now :)

whale makeup case

Available in “Alive and “Dead” hahahaha. I crack myself up.

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