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Wednesday Whale Love: Clocks

I love wall clocks. I don’t mean digital clocks, I mean analog clocks. They are my favorite kind! I learned to tell time with them and, actually, if I look at a digital clock I have to “translate” the time to analog in my head. The first thing I did after signing my lease was buy a clock for every room in my apartment. I mostly went with plain round clocks between $3 and $5, but these would all make terrific replacements!

This one would go right above my desk!


This one is perfect for the bathroom:


And this one I would put in the bedroom above the door.


Happy Wednesday! And do you prefer digital or analog clocks?



This whale clock would be the perfect addition to any room!

I think these prints are clever and gorgeous.

This hand-carved whale stamp is incredible. I wish I had the patience and precision to create stamps like this!

Wednesday Whale Love 02

Another Wednesday Whale Love! Check out this picture I found:

I like how much is going on in the picture. And how confused the whale is, ahahaha.

Another practical piece:

(not sure why the border is SO HUGE on this image) The whale is darling and, I mean, c’mon. Couldn’t you use another clock? Like, just one? For the bathroom or living room or ANY room? I love clocks.

Last up, this:

He’s only half a foot high but he looks so awesome. I have so much whale love for this little statue!

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