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Wednesday Whale Love: Brooch Mania

I have a couple really neat whale-themed brooches, but a girl can always have her eye on one or two more! This first one I found is so pretty with that shell embellishment!


This red one almost looks like a fruit snack. A happy, smiling fruit snack :D


And this one, Oh! Whale brooch with Moby Dick script on it? Yes, please!


Actually, if you know a book lover you should definitely check out House of Ismay on Etsy. Great, unique gifts for your literature obsessed friends!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Wednesday Whale Love #60

While hunting for a birthday present for my brother, I happened upon a boat load of beautiful whale accessories on Etsy! So strange that that happened…

This really neat necklace:

This cute little brooch:

I actually received a similar one in the mail last year around my birthday! I wear it on my jacket :)

And this cool bag:

I can make my own totes, but I love how SBMathieu makes her own stamps! Her whole shop is cute, check it out if you have a few minutes!

mail mystery

It all began January 25th, when I featured this lovely brooch in a Wednesday Whale Love:

Then, on February 8th, I received a mysterious package in the mail. I opened it to find the brooch!

I tore into that envelope like it was the last Christmas earth would ever see. I had to pick the shreds off the floor and arrange them for this picture.

Looks even better in real life!

But who sent it?!

I wracked my brain, sent out a mass text, and spammed Facebook.

My first thought was that Pepper Spouts had sent it to me. Because they technically DID ship it to me, and there was no shipping receipt or note inside, this seemed like the most logical explanation. I then realized that made no sense because they don’t have my address! And why would they send me anything?

My next thought was that I had accidentally ordered it. I panicked. How could I have ordered something just by copying a link? Did my computer just KNOW my credit card number? Was plugging it in to every site I visit? How many more mystery packages would show up at my house?!

I realized this was probably impossible.

And lucky for my over-active imagination, Facebook let me know that my friend Danielle had sent it to me as a birthday gift.

Thanks again, Danielle!

Mystery solved.

Whale Love

Cutest brooch ever:

Well, maybe not the cutest. But I definitely love it.

This would be great if I was still 15 and wore neck ties:

And I really like this a lot:

I really like paper weights but I never have any paper for them to hold down, so they always end up dusty on a bookshelf.

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