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Wednesday Whale Love

Valentine’s Day edition! That heart-felt holiday is just around the corner, here are some ideas for your whale-loving honey.

These pillows (or just the covers if he or she already has the right sized pillows!) will brighten up your sweetheart’s home and give them a talking point every time they have guests over:


For those fearless enough to give jewelry as a gift, this subtle bracelet might be right up your ally! I’m partial to the dark turquoise and teal bands, myself :)


And every gift should come with a card. If you  aren’t going to make one yourself, consider this adorable choice:


If you happen across any other great whale V-Day gift ideas in your internet travels, please let me know! Otherwise, Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday Whale Love!

That’s right, it’s Wednesday again! Already! And check these neat whale finds I… found… :)

Cute little whale gift boxes. Think of the candies and trinkets you could fill them with!

This awesome little print:

This bracelet is beautiful! And customizable you say? Oh, yes please! I don’t wear bracelets too much anymore, but rest assured. I would rock this baby every day.

Hope you’re having a fab Wednesday! I’ve got a sewing date with my cousin later! Can’t wait to see what creations we turn out today :)


Are you ready for some serious Etsy love? Good, me too!

I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful print:

Tiposcreations has an amazing collection of sea life jewelry. These are my (obvious) favorites:

This zipper pouch makes me wish I was into screen printing. But with so many craft interests already (and so little room left in my room) I think it’s best not to take up another hobby and just admire this bag!

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