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Wednesday Whale Love: Decorative Boxes

I have a lot of trinkets and knickknacks, and that includes an affinity for small and fun boxes. Great to decorate with and to hide things in! I found these beauts and I want every single one of them.




Find any neat whale-themed items while trolling the Internet? Let me know! And have a great week, everyone!


Wednesday Whale Love!

These are definitively some beauties I’d love to add to my collection :)

LOVE IT! So very cute and practical.


Oh and hey, it comes in six different colors. Wahoo!

I have a massive collection of pull-over hoodies from H&M, but they don’t carry the style anymore and mine are really wearing out! This would make a great replacement for the grey one I turned into a shark.


Plus, gray goes with basically everything.

This box is so adorable.


It would look great on my desk with some pencils in the fins and sewing supplies in the mouth!

Hope your Wednesday wasn’t as cold and snowy as mine!

Wednesday Whale Love, v5

Another beautiful whale ring!

Too expensive for my wallet but that won’t stop me from stalking it on the Web.

The design of this doesn’t seem too practical to me, but I still think it’s awesome:

It looks like the lid is the bottom. That’s all I’m saying.

And this little guy:

I guess Urban Outfitters discontinued it but I still think it’s 100% badass.

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