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Wednesday Whale Love

Just when I think I’ve loved every whale thing ModCloth has to offer, they surprise me and stock more!

This dress has been living in y shopping cart for a few days already. There’s no doubt I’ll be adding it to my collection, it’s just a matter of when.


THIS BAG THROUGH. I haven’t bought a bag in years (since I can make my own), but this bag? THIS BAG? I want this bag.

Untitled-2 (source)

For a long time, I wasn’t comfortable wearing anything that left my arms completely naked. But lately, I’m all about showing off my whale shoulder tattoos so I need some more tank tops. And this one would pair perfectly with my shoulders :D

Untitled-5  (source)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope it’s a beautiful day wherever you are!


Wednesday Whale Love

The  mail box I have right now is attached to my landlord’s house. It says “APT” on it, so the mail person knows where the apartment mail should go. But if I had a street mailbox of my very own..!


I’m drooling over this lamp shade. I don’t have any hanging lamps but I’m sure I could rig something up to justify buying this:


This pencil pouch set is so simple! And that;’s the beauty of it.


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Whale Love: whale-shaped bags

That’s right! This week we’ll be looking at some amazing creations NOT JUST because they are whale-shaped- but because they have intricate details that make them super awesome.

Take this Orca Bag for example. It could have been just a regular and boring back pack. NOPE! IT’S AN ORCA!


I normally shy away from leather but this little guy is too cute to pass up.


And I saved my favorite for last! Think of the things you could stash in that mouth!


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Whale Love

Whale duffle edition!

I want to make a duffle bag. I’ve been looking for patterns online and studying them in stores (read: Target) get get a better idea of how they’re made. I want to create something simple but still give it my own spin. Here are some beauts I happened upon in my research.

I’ve seen a larger, blue version of this one before.


I really like how the mouth is an extra pocket. I LOVE pockets!

I wish, wish, WISH I had the patience to knit / crochet because I would be all about something like this:


But I just can’t get into it. It takes too long for me to transfer the idea in my head into a net of yarn knots. I have a friend who’s pretty good at it, though. I’ll just leave the crocheting to her.

I think this one is my favorite though:


I like how the front part is 2 pockets, it puffs up to a realistic whale shape, and it looks pretty roomy.

When/ if I ever get around to this project I will definitely share pictures!

Wednesday Whale Love

This week is all about clever whale bags!

This dice bag is super nifty. If it was a little bigger I think it would make a great beach bag!


I’ve had my eye on this precious purse for such a long time!


And this. Ah! It’s beautiful! Amazing! Adorable! So many other adjectives! It’s perfect. I would take it everywhere.


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

whale makeup case

Available in “Alive and “Dead” hahahaha. I crack myself up.

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