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Happy Birthday, The Tragic Whale!

That’s right, The Tragic Whale is 1 year old today! And to celebrate, we’re now on Facebook!

I think we had a great year.

8 Tragic Whale stories made their way into our hearts.

We had some cooking adventures together.

My mom was an endless well of fashionable advice.

Wednesdays we loved whales together.

Panda finally made it into the microwave!

We branched off the blog and started selling things on Etsy.

We almost moved to blogger! That was a confusing week, but I’m glad we stayed where we are.

And we had almost 10,000 visitors!

Thanks, everyone, for helping make this a great year!


Whale Fail

I decided that the shark purses I make aren’t going to be my number one seller forever. That, and I ran out of the silver-colored clasp things that I use to make them. So I said to myself, “Kerry, I think it’s time to make a new animal purse thing.”

I already have a frog pattern, which can easily be converted to a toad (just use brown felt), but I realized I should make a whale!

Great! Whales are fun, I can draw whales, my blog is whale themed. This is a piece of cake!


I don’t even know how this happened. It looks like a blue manatee.

Maybe it needs a fin? But some whales don’t have that top fin. And I don’t want it to look too much like the sharks.

This could be a story. The whale that thinks it’s a manatee and gets stuck in some shallow water, hit by a boat propeller, and bleeds out.

Yep. Starting that now.

Kindle case fail

I had a craft project list the length of the Great Wall of China  to do this weekend, so instead I tried to make a case for my Kindle!

I measured out  a pattern in case it came out well. I try to make patterns for everything, that way I don’t have to worry about guessing on measurements later on (I’m very forgetful). I also find it helpful to have a pattern if I’m showing someone else how to make something, since I usually write some directions on it.

I cut out my fabric and ironed on some interfacing to make it stronger, thinking this might help protect the Kindle if it gets dropped or hit with something. But honestly this wouldn’t help me because it’s not a metal, crush-proof, water-proof case. If it’s electronic, I will kill it.

Some pinning happened:

And some sewing happened:

Then it was done! Dead-whale themed, of course.

Oh, then I tried to fit my Kindle in and found out I made the case too small!

Looks like it will just fit, huh? Well it just DOESN’T fit. I was upset with myself. But then my brother gave me a great idea!

Wait for it…

I can use it as a phone case.

I miss you like this whale misses life.

I have a drawer filled with cards and post cards but I still really prefer to make my own out of card stock. I’m not too creative with them, mostly just cutting a rectangle and folding it in half, but with so many different paper prints the possibilities are really endless.

With a stack of blank boring cards, I got to thinking: “How can I make these better?” Plus I needed a break from sewing (still working on BALANCE).

I did some stamping:

And some cutting and gluing:

And some type-writer-ing (my type writer finally got it’s own permanent home in my room but STILL wasn’t getting used):

And then I had my very own Tragic Whale greeting cards:

My mom, “I don’t get it. It would make more sense if the whale was dead.”

Me, “It is.”

My mom, “Maybe you could do something to make it look dead, Kerry. No one’s going to know it’s a dead whale.”

Me, “It has Xs for eyes.”

My mom, “What, does that symbolize death?”

Me, “Yes. Yes it does.”

My mom, “Is that new?”

Me, “No.”

My mom, “Well, you learn something new everyday. HA HA HA it’s clever because it’s dead.I like it.”

story about a grill 0, whale pencil case 1

So today I was going to post a story about a grill. How my mom loves her grill because “you just get used to how it cooks,” and, “it takes a long time to get used to a new grill,” and, “it’s ok that some of the grill grate is missing because it fell into the flame, that the handle fell off last week and we have to use oven mits to open and close it, and if you close it too hard, bits of it flake into the food.”

And there was going to be pictures and maybe some good laughs. BUT THEN I made this instead:

It’s a whale pencil case! Just the prototype so there’s a lot of room for improvement (like fins and maybe a smile (or frown if it’s dead)) but I did get the hardest part figured out:

Lining! Red, because animals are red inside. Check how great he is at holding things:


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