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New in the shop: Cross Body Bags

For the first time, The Tragic Whale shop will carry large bags! About a year ago I started prototyping an Adventure Bag. Something big enough to hold a water bottle and snacks and a wallet and my mittens and the knickknacks I collect when I’m out wandering around (like rocks. I bring home a LOT of rocks). It had to have an adjustable strap. It had to have a lot of pockets. And it had to be practical. The first one I made had it’s flaws. The strap was too flimsy and some pockets were too small. I didn’t like how the straps attached to the bag itself.


But this design, this one I’m really happy with. It has 4 easy-to-reach-in pockets (2 inside and 2 outside), a zipper pocket inside for secret things, and sturdy adjustable strap.


I think it’s taken so long for me to offer a bag like this because it can be frustrating to sew a larger project. At least for me. My desk is my sewing work space, but it’s also my computer desk, writing desk, crafting desk, and snack time desk. I photograph my bags, pack orders, and sift through finances at my desk. A lot of things have a home here, and when you’re feeding 2 feet of fabric through a sewing machine on a barley foot and a half wide desk, things are going to get knocked into and stuck and hit the wall and the next thing you know, the machine is jammed and you’re nursing a multitude of pin pricks.


A few of these bags have a magnetic button to hold them closed and a few don’t.


I wanted to offer a variation, but after they were finished I realized it would probably be better to offer the snap as an add-on. It’s the last thing added before I sew it shut, so it wouldn’t be a problem to leave the bags unfinished and then finish them after an order is placed. Sadly, I didn’t think of that BEFORE, so this first round will have to be as is.

You can find these bags in the new “Cross Body Bags” section! Check them out, let me know what you think. And if you like them, make sure to ask your friends and family to surprise you with one for your next birthday :)


New in the shop: Coasters

One of my shop-related goals for the year is to introduce a new product every month. This will help to expand my shop inventory and push my creativity, as well as experiment with what my best products are. This month, I’ve introduced coasters!


These fabric coasters have 4 layers to them. The top is cotton fabric, the same material I make bags with. Next is a layer of interfacing. Again, like my bags, the interfacing serves to help the coasters keep their shape. I wanted something semi-stiff, not something flopping all over the place. Next is a layer of white muslin.

photo 2

The bottom is a layer of white select grip, which is that stuff you line cabinets and drawers with so your dishware isn’t sliding around.

photo 1 (1)

I wanted a non-slip coaster, something that will securely protect your table tops. Select grip doesn’t leave marks, because it isn’t colored. And it’s washable! This is super important because I want everything I make to be able to go in a washing machine.

Currently, I’m offering One of a Kind sets of 2 or 4 coasters. I hope to eventually offer a selectable set size of 2 to 8 coasters.

Shop update: New section!

Introducing the “Re-purposed and Rescued” section!


I have been THROWING myself into my shop (which I think I mentioned before?). I eat, sleep, and breathe sewing. Almost literally. I do this thing where I put unwrapped food in my pockets for snacking, like cookies and bagels, and sometimes when I pull them out they have thread on them. I’m constantly pulling thread off myself at work from the weirdest places, like sweater armpits. Like, how? Anyway, it’s serious.

I’ve been searching for ways to branch out and grow in my shop, and having a section of items made from re-purposed fabric and rescued fabric made a lot of sense. Plus, if I’m using something that would otherwise be discarded I’m helping to reduce waste.

The re-purposed part is self explanatory. I’m taking things and turning them into other things. Like this bag used to be a really nice dress!


I mean, sure someone else could have worn the dress, but how is that fun for me? Exactly. It’s not. Also, it’s so fancy looking! I have a few more dresses waiting to be transformed, as well as some funky cloth napkins.

The rescued fabric bags are mostly comprised of vintage fabric that I don’t have dates for. In my extensive vintage-related research, I learned that (basically) in order to label something as “vintage,” you need to be able to attach a year to it. Like my Vintage 1980s Smurf bed sheets. Or my Vintage 1939 license plate. I can’t do that for, like, any of this fabric. But I did rescue it, and thus “Rescued Fabric.”

As you can see, the section looks a little sparse…


But it will get there! I have to rummage around in my stash for some of the pieces my friend picked up at some thrift stores on Martha’s Vineyard. Eventually, these may become two separate sections. But I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve and I might need the section space for that!

And that’s what’s up. It’s just sew city up in here, kids! Sew city.

Hello summer!

Summer is finally (and officially) here! And to celebrate, we’re having a Hello Summer sale in The Tragic Whale shop! Just use coupon code HELLOSUMMER at checkout to save 20 percent off any order now through June 30th :)


Birthday sale!

My birthday is coming up and to celebrate I’m having a 25% off sale in the shop! Use coupon code BIRTHDAY25 at checkout to save :)

birthday 25

My birthday is my favorite day of the year, and what better way to celebrate than to pass along some savings? Have a great weekend, everyone!

Introducing: pencil pouches!

That’s right, folks. You can now find pencil pouches in The Tragic Whale shop!




And for only $7.50!

I’ve got a few more items to list before turning in for the night. Happy Tuesday!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a great day to go out and help support small businesses! Even hobby businesses like The Tragic Whale can use some extra small business love :)

Use coupon code SMALLIES in the shop today to save 15%!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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