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Shop update: New section!

Introducing the “Re-purposed and Rescued” section!


I have been THROWING myself into my shop (which I think I mentioned before?). I eat, sleep, and breathe sewing. Almost literally. I do this thing where I put unwrapped food in my pockets for snacking, like cookies and bagels, and sometimes when I pull them out they have thread on them. I’m constantly pulling thread off myself at work from the weirdest places, like sweater armpits. Like, how? Anyway, it’s serious.

I’ve been searching for ways to branch out and grow in my shop, and having a section of items made from re-purposed fabric and rescued fabric made a lot of sense. Plus, if I’m using something that would otherwise be discarded I’m helping to reduce waste.

The re-purposed part is self explanatory. I’m taking things and turning them into other things. Like this bag used to be a really nice dress!


I mean, sure someone else could have worn the dress, but how is that fun for me? Exactly. It’s not. Also, it’s so fancy looking! I have a few more dresses waiting to be transformed, as well as some funky cloth napkins.

The rescued fabric bags are mostly comprised of vintage fabric that I don’t have dates for. In my extensive vintage-related research, I learned that (basically) in order to label something as “vintage,” you need to be able to attach a year to it. Like my Vintage 1980s Smurf bed sheets. Or my Vintage 1939 license plate. I can’t do that for, like, any of this fabric. But I did rescue it, and thus “Rescued Fabric.”

As you can see, the section looks a little sparse…


But it will get there! I have to rummage around in my stash for some of the pieces my friend picked up at some thrift stores on Martha’s Vineyard. Eventually, these may become two separate sections. But I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve and I might need the section space for that!

And that’s what’s up. It’s just sew city up in here, kids! Sew city.


Pencil Case Madness.

In the last few months I’ve really started to stress one of a kind for my shop. This is in part because it’s more fun for me to make everything different, but also because I like one of a kind things. I like buying something and knowing that no one else has one exactly like it. And I’m not just talking patter placement. I’m talking zipper color and lining fabric too. Something that’s actually unique, not just out of the main stream. And if I like things like that, other people must too!

On top of this, I’m trying to hone in on making things that I need and use, because (again) if I need it then someone else does too. This led to one of a kind pencil cases, and they are killing it in the shop right now! I’m guessing it’s because school is coming up, obviously this is something I’ll have to watch and track. If I’m going to try to grow, I’ll have to figure out if certain things sells better at certain times of the year and then plan my inventory with that in mind.

I spent all my free time this week on pencil cases:

pencil1(They’re taking over my desk!)

I ran out of room in my “things that need to be photographed” box! I really like taking pictures outside against our shed, and I can only do that on the weekend. This can be a pain because if we have a few overcast weekends in a row I just collect, collect, collect things but can’t add them to the shop.

pencil4 (1)(Completely full.)

I’m hoping that I’ll have enough stock to add a few new items every day for the next week or two. New items every day keeps things interesting for browsers!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! And if you’re in the market for a pencil case, I might know where you can find a few ;)


Crafts: bow belt fix

On Monday I went shopping with my cousin and found a super cute belt marked down to $5! It had an elastic band and a snap in the back, aka not adjustable. I could tell that it was several inches too big. Problem? Naw. I bought that shit anyway.

As you can see, it hangs a little low…



What’s a grrrl with a sewing machine to do? Cut it apart.

photo 2

Trim it down.

photo 3

Singe the edges to protect against fraying.

photo 4

Stick the pieces back in place.

photo 5

Stitch it up.

photo 2 (1)

And rock it!

photo 3 (1)

Man, ever since I got an iPhone, taking pictures has gotten so much easier! But the quality is obviously not as good as my digital camera. I’m going to vote it a toss up because this project took 15 minutes with picture taking, and you just can’t beat that.

Introducing: pencil pouches!

That’s right, folks. You can now find pencil pouches in The Tragic Whale shop!




And for only $7.50!

I’ve got a few more items to list before turning in for the night. Happy Tuesday!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a great day to go out and help support small businesses! Even hobby businesses like The Tragic Whale can use some extra small business love :)

Use coupon code SMALLIES in the shop today to save 15%!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

New clutches

I’ve got some new clutches in the shop. They’re bigger and fancier than ever!

Well, kind of. I took my “basic clutch” pattern, stripped off the handle, made it bigger, and used satin fabric to give them all a nice (fancy) sheen!

Comfortably fits your wallet, phone, keys, and tissues (it’s cold season, people):

Fun new prints to keep it fresh:

And I used heavy interfacing to keep ’em nice and sturdy. This part is hard to illustrate in a picture.

Check them out! 

Clearance event in the shop!

I’ve been thinking that instead of offering a BUNCH of different bags in my shop that I’m going to start focusing on just a couple of styles. And to get ready for the new inventory I’ve been working on, The Tragic Whale Etsy shop is having a clearance event! EVERYTHING has been drastically reduced to move.

So go check it out, tell your friends, and help me make room for some new stuff!

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