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Finance Committee Meeting

Finance meeting


Survey Follow Up

Last week, I got a new credit card in the mail: a replacement card. But it’s for the card I never, ever use so I know it wasn’t compromised. I called to get some clarification and the poor guy on the phone couldn’t answer any of my questions. He was very nice but it was still a little frustrating, so after I thanked him for his time I did the “after phone call” survey and gave the card company all 1s (1-9). I would have given a 9 on politeness or demeanor or anything related to the guy I actually talked to, but it wasn’t an option. The next day, they called me back:
CC Call CenterSpeechless.


Gram turns 88, still crazy.

Today is my Gram’s birthday. She is super old (at 88) and my Great Uncle scooped her up and took her away to Ohio for a few weeks. Thanks, Uncle Frank! I called to wish her a happy birthday and this happened:

gramma stories 05

And now for something completely different-

A man with two noses!

Just kidding. But I thought I would share a NICE work story! Some days are rough. It’s like bullets of negativity are coming from every direction. And then someone will say something so incredibly nice that nothing else matters.

work stories 20Has anyone unexpectedly brightened your day lately?

Work story, 19

The case of the “wrong” number…

work stories 19

Height is confusing.

work stories 18

How The Green Mile was named.

Watching television with my Mom last night…

The Green Mile

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