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The Dying Rolodex

I have a Rolodex. I keep it on my desk and use it to organize my addresses (I used to send a lot of mail). A couple years ago I had to buy some refill cards since I used all mine up. I got a big stack and put some blank ones in the back. Well, I’ve used the blank ones and since I moved I haven’t been able to find my extras. That’s ok, I’ll just run to the store and buy another refill pack.


They don’t sell them in stores anymore. At least not around here. I checked WalMart, which is hit or miss anyway, and Staples. You know Staples, the office supply store. I walked every aisle, combed every shelf. I had to ask for help, which I’m usually reluctant to do. Because I’m either staring right at the thing (embarrassing) or they can’t help me (saddening), and if they can’t help me sometimes the people are fresh (enraging). I mean, it’s not like they are paid to help people find and buy office supplies. Anyway, I couldn’t find any wandering associates so I had to ask a cashier (literally the worst).

“Rolodex? Yeah… we don’t sell those here.” He looked bored.
“Oh, I just need the refills.” I said.
“Yeah, no.”
“No refills either?”
“Uhm, I just said that. You can get them through our website though.”
“NAW, THAT’S OK.” I yelled and I smacked him in the face for being rude. Just kidding. I walked away feeling dejected and told my boyfriend we could leave while he made fun of me for being upset that I couldn’t buy something from the 20th century at a store.

Found them on Amazon! Thanks, Amazon, for not being terrible. Also, if you could set up a warehouse where I can browse that would be super amazing ;D

So, the Rolodex is dying. Phones and technology are replacing the physical things that used to fill up our desks and counters. My boyfriend asked why I don’t just store this stuff in my phone (I’ve broken enough phones and lost enough information to doubt that’s a good idea for me) and back it up on the cloud (which I do not trust at all). Maybe it’s not efficient. Maybe it spends most days collecting dust. But while my phone is charging in the other room and I’m taking a breather from being constantly “On,” I can reach for my Rolodex and write a letter to my Gram, thank you notes to my friends back in Massachusetts, or see all the places my brother has lived in the past 2 years. And I like it that way.

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