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Cloud Atlas, a review

This book got some serious loving when I accidentally spilled an entire water bottle on it. If you’re all, “Oh no how could you do that to a book?!” then don’t worry. That water also murdered my phone.

Cloud Atlas (by David Mitchell)  is carefully constructed of six shorter stories that all interconnect with each other. There’s a review on that back of this book that describes it as, “[a] series of nested dolls or Chinese boxes…” And even though I read this, it took me to halfway through the third shorter story to realized what was going on. Yep, total confusion up to that point. And the whole time trying to figure out HOW the book was like nesting dolls.

Story one:

This first part is about this guy traveling around on a ship in the 1800s. He’s keeping a journal of his travels and, like, everyone on the ship hates him. Practically.

Story two:

Takes place in the 1930s ish. This guy decides to be a composers apprentice and writes letters to his friend.

Story three:

Takes place in present time and is written in present tense. It’s about this lady, Louisa, who is a reporter and stumbles across a big story.

Story four:

Takes place in the near future and is about a guy who accidentally checks himself into a nursing home and can’t check himself out.

Story five:

Now we’re reading an interview between some guy doing a project (basically) and a man-made human. Yeah, I said man-made human.

Story six:

The last part is a narrative that takes place after society collapses and begins to rebuild itself.

I’m not going to tell you how they work together to make a book.

David Mitchell does an excellent job of giving all six narrators their own unique voice. I honestly felt like I was reading six different books which was good because I liked some parts better than others but I didn’t have to quit the book and find a new one. The book did it for me!

On a Kerry Star rating I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a clever and refreshing read.


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