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Goals of 2015

At this point, I feel like any goals or resolutions I aim for is just a set up for my own public shaming at the end of the year. “These are all the things I want to do!” turns into “So, about how I did non of that…” But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that if I share my ideas online I’ll be more likely to achieve them. Ah ha ha ha ha. Humans, the silliest of animals!

Things I want to work on:

– Being less rigid. I stubbornly cling to this weird set of rules I hide in my head about how life should be. How things should be cleaned. How beds should be made. How a room should be set up. Part of this is a result of my childhood. Old habits are hard to break, but I will try to loosen up.

– Stay focused and hungry. I left my job at the end November (2014) to pursue my dream of running my own small business. It’s hard. I should have planned more. But I have forced myself to work smarter and harder, and I will pour myself into this until every resource has been exhausted and I’m forced to take up a “real” job again.

– Be more forgiving of myself and less forgiving of others. I beat myself up over everything. “Should I have let that car go ahead of me?” “Was I nice enough to the cashier at the grocery store?” But then I give every allowance to others. “She probably cut me off because she had a crappy driving teacher.” “He probably didn’t have a positive male role model growing up to teach him to hold the door for others.” It’s not healthy to pummel myself but come up with excuses for , what feels like, the rest of the world. If you’re being a jerk it’s because you are choosing to be a jerk.

Things I intend to continue doing:

– I maintain that food is not hot enough unless it burns the roof of my mouth. Especially pizza. I will breathe fire on the first bite, every time, and it will be glorious.

– Listening to the same 3 songs on repeat for days straight (weeks or even months if it seems necessary). If you love it, listen to it. Uninterrupted by sub-par music. I will learn every word, every whisper, and I will sing along terribly until those 3 songs are dead to me and I find a new set to obsess over.

– Drinking Mtn Dew when I want to. I like it.

Did you set any goals for yourself this year that you already know you won’t follow through on?

2014: Resolutions / Goals.

After the 2013 Resolution Debacle (where almost everything I wrote actually happened), I thought I should take a more serious approach this year. And thus, a perfectly serious list of things I wish to accomplish in 2014.

1) Eat an apple. 
– Apples are better at waking you up in the morning than coffee or soda. Apples make you realize great important things, like gravity and your lack of clothes. Apples allegedly keep the doctor away. But I don’t eat very many because I’m sensitive to tart things and they make my face pucker. To make this goal fair, the apple packs in Happy Meals count as 1/4 of an apple. (By the way, those apples are delicious.)

2) Read 12 books.
– I’m not overshooting myself like I did in 2012 (52 book goal), and I’m not making a mockery of reading like I did in 2013 (1 book goal). This goal seems attainable, even with all the other things I like to do. Like dress shop on my phone. And sleep. Of course I’ll be using Good Reads to track of my progress for me.

3) Expand shop inventory.
– When I opened my shop, I was making things that I thought people wanted. Then I cut inventory wayyyyyyy down and decided I would focus on only a couple of items and just make a lot of them. This past year I did a lot better because I started stocking things that I like, things I created because I needed them. Well, I need other things. Like cross-body bags. And a new wallet. And an adventure bag. And once I work out the kinks I’ll start stocking them in the shop!

4) Stop saying yes to every project.
– Basically, any time someone asks if I can make something for them, or work on a project for them, or create a whole new thing because they have this vision of what they want and can’t find it in a store, I say yes. Few questions asked. I sign myself up.

Usually it’s similar to this: Someone says, “Hey, can you knit me a house-sized blanket so I don’t have to pay so much for heat?” And  I’m like, “Well, I don’t really know how to knit….” And then the person is like, “I think it would be really awesome to have a house-sized blanket.” And then I’m like, “Well, I guess I could figure it out…” And then the person is like, “Great! When do you think you’ll have it done?” And I’m like, “Uhm, well I have a lot of projects going right now (always true), so I might not get to it for a couple of weeks…” And now I’m knitting a house blanket.

It’s not that I don’t like new projects, or doing things for people, or challanging myself. It’s just that I know me. Pretty well. I’m a grade A procrastinator. I create this ball of stress and pressure around the project, and put it off and put it off and put it off and then it takes like, two years for me to finish it. No Joke; ask my friend Lauren about her t-shirt blanket. So I’m going to have to start saying no, or at least explaining that if someone wants to wait two years then I can probably get to it. Eventually.

5) Write more.
– I love writing! I went to school for writing! I started a blog so I could write more! And then I just stopped. Everything. I stopped recording my dreams, keeping a notebook, blogging, sending letters. I even stopped pretending that I work solely to collect material for my fictional novel about the jerks at the RMV (DMV, BMV, DOT, etc, depending on what part of the country you are from). I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it wrong.  And that has to stop.

6) Fabric intervention on myself. 
– I have fabric piled at the end of my bed, in a bin in my closet, in a laundry basket on a chair, on top of books, on both my printers. And I just, it’s a lot for my small craft room / library / office / bedroom. I really need to focus on using what I have before I add significantly to my inventory again. This will be hard. I do not intend to succeed. But I will  try!

7) Become more independent by moving out of my parents’ very comfortable basement. 
– There comes a time in every girl’s life where she says to herself, “I’m almost 26. I live out of my childhood bedroom. I’m the oldest of three, and I’m the only one still at home. Maybe my time is coming…” Now, to be clear, I love my parents. And we get along very well! And I can hang with Panda all the time, and I get a lot funny material for my blog. But sometimes, in order to grow, you need to leave your extremely supportive and protective nest. And I know that if my wings don’t open and I nose dive from the tree and break my beak in half, my parents will scoop me back up and give me lots of band aids. If they don’t turn my room into a conference room. 

8) Sleep more. 
– I could probably do with a little extra sleep, even though my main problem is dreaming. So much dreaming! But perhaps if I hit the hay an hour or so earlier I can recoup the time lost waking up between dreams. The other night I had a dream that I ran into Gerry (this really cute, really old man who works for a car dealership and is in my office a lot) at the old IGA. And we decided to go shopping together and kept running into all these people that we didn’t know we both knew, people we hadn’t seen in years! And even though Gerry was still really old, he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids anymore, and he could hear better than ever. THEN I remembered that he got hurt, and probably won’t come see us at work anymore, and I told him this and he said that he was fine and I gave his frail frame a hug and said he was my favorite Insurance Runner ever. When I woke up was afraid he was dead and was dream ghost visiting me. (He isn’t dead!)

9) Do not allow the world to crush me. 
– Last year, I got crushed. When I was 20, I got crushed. When I was 15, I got crushed. Judging by this pattern, I shouldn’t have any real concerns until I’m 30. But it’s not a hard-hit kind of crushing. It’s a gradual decline into it. 2013 was addressing it, working at it, making changes to fix it. And 2014 will be more of that.

It’s important to remember that goals are not the be all end all. Goals are things to work towards. Sometimes you get there, sometimes you don’t. And that’s ok! Best of luck with your goals this year!

2013: a Review.

I started 2013 with a fantastic list of resolutions, and  it turned out to accurately describe my year. OOPS! So for my only post this December, I’m going to reflect on those “goals” and offer up a year-end review.

1) Eat More, Exercise Less.
-I didn’t run or roller blade or bike ride or promise to partake in a 5k and I spent almost no time at the beach this summer even though I bought a beach sticker. I did walk a lot with Stephanie but only until it got chilly outside aha. Then she tried to convince me to join a gym with her and I responded with a sad face and hoped she wouldn’t bring it up again. I ate so many hot pockets that I hot-pocketed myself out. I ate a lot of pizza and a lot of mac&cheese. Om nom nom. SO GOOD!

2) Don’t leave Massachusetts.
-While I didn’t make it to California or NYC (as I secretly aspired), I did visit Vermont a half dozen times. So many times, in fact, that I made new friends (multiple), on top of one of my very best friends (acquired at college. Read: go to college, make best friends).

3) Reading Goal for 2013: 1 Book.
-I finished 3. So while I tripled my goal, it was a pretty pathetic goal and nothing to be proud of.

4) Drink more Soda.
-I think I drank about the same amount of soda. Although my dental hygienist did suggest I cut down drastically, or limit soda to meals instead of for a breakfast snack, for the sake of my teeth. Yeah, I didn’t do that.

5) Run Desert Sand into the Ground.
-She died. And allegedly went to the car graveyard down the street from my house but I’m going to check into that. Her replacement, Green Car, has no problems to report (yet). And because I was determined not to be swindled, I made out very well when purchasing her. I’m not saying my actual salesman loved me, but I left happy and that matters more. To me.

6) Continue to Live with my Parents.
-Success! The only child, and oldest child, still bunkered down at home. Yes, my brothers make fun of me. Yes, it makes it hard to bring random men home since I’m not allowed to have boys in my bed. And yes, I’m basically obligated to watch Panda whenever my parents go out. But at least the rent is cheap? (SO CHEAP!)

7) Spend Frivolously.
-I started aggressively saving this year. Then my car needed replacing and my savings went with her. Then it took me a couple of months to get back on track, with insurance and excise tax and all that jazz. But I’m back on track, and only a dozen new dresses later!

8) Neglect The Tragic Whale: Blog & Shop.
-So, this happened. I shut my shop down during the winter, spring, and summer. I haven’t blogged, really blogged, in months. This was never my intent. My sincerest apologies to any readers left.

9) Dress Down, Every Day.
-Uhm, so there was a span of time where I wore the same pair of jeans for 3 weeks without washing them, and with visible food and smutz on them. Coupled with sweatshirts I pulled out of the bottom of my laundry basket, AKA the place I hide my sweatshirts from myself when they really, really, REALLY need to be cleaned. Because they have spaghetti sauce or chocolate or salsa down the front. It was a rough year.

10) Allow the World to Crush Me.
– Success! I already said it was a rough year (see above sentence). And for a while it literally felt like a great pressure was pushing down on my shoulders, which made it hard to breathe and then sleep and then think. But with my world-class crew of doctors I was able to get everything in check! Even though I was being pushed down, I pushed back. So I guess, in the end, I won.

BAM! In your face, 2013!


I’m not generally a fan of New Years resolutions, but after a careful review of last year I decided to set a few goals for myself. With any luck, I can make 2013 a GRAND SUCCESS!

1) Eat More, Exercise Less.
– If there’s one thing I did too much of in 2012, it was exercise. Yuck. Mallory had me roller-blading, jogging, training for a 5k (which we all bailed on, ahaha. Success). I was walking at lunch with Stephanie. It was the worst. I’m going to try and cut exercise out of 2013 completely, and replace it with even more of my favorite food (i.e. pizza, hot pockets, and mac&cheese. Oh, and SODA).

2) Don’t leave Massachusetts.
– Best state in the US. Has everything I need. I hate adventures. I see no reason to leave, possibly ever again.


3) Reading Goal for 2013: 1 Book.
– I set a perfectly reasonable reading goal for 2012 of 52 books. And only read 39. Ridiculously disappointing. So this year I’m going to aim as low as possible in hopes on not letting myself down again. Cross your fingers for me, people!

4) Drink more Soda.
– Right now I’m averaging about 3 cans of Mt Dew a day (give or take, and mix in a ginger ale every so often). But you know what? I just don’t think I’m drinking to my full potential. Why not cut out water and orange juice completely? Yeah. This is happening.

5) Run Desert Sand into the Ground.
– I love my car. And nothing says, ‘I love you,’ more than destroying something. This year I intend on saving a ton of $$$ by not spending a cent on my best friend. Oil changes? Naw. Tire rotation?  The alignment is bunk anyway so why bother. She wants to over-heat again? Let it happen! She’s already got 210,000 miles on her. She’s basically dead anyway.

6) Continue to Live with my Parents.
– Because I’m a winner. And we get along great! And nothing spells success more than a 25-year-old with a moderately good job living in her parents basement.

7) Spend Frivolously.
– As frivolously as possible! If at any point I have more than $20 in my bank accounts (combined), then I’m doing something wrong. How can I live life to the fullest if I’m not blowing all my money on pointless things I don’t need? Exactly, I can’t. I’m probably going to empty my debit card into Target after I finish this post.


8) Neglect The Tragic Whale: Blog & Shop.
– Oh I’m still going to have my blog and my shop, but I’m going to neglect the shit out of them. Posts every 2-3 weeks, skipping Wednesday Whale Love completely, not working towards becoming part of a larger blogging community. And the shop? Pffft. I’ll be ignoring every message, sending orders out a week or so late, skipping delivery confirmation. Oh, you want a shipping notification for your purchase? That’s neat  because I’m going to forget to send that. You’ll know it shipped when it shows up at your house. THIS IS HOW YOU RUN A BUSINESS!

9) Dress Down, Every Day.
– I really want to show the people I work for that I have NO INTEREST in advancing, so I’m planning to go out of my way to dress down for work. I’ll take it a step further than jeans and a sweatshirt, though. I’m talking same jeans all week, the sweatshirt with pen across the chest and holes in the elbows, writing on my hands and not washing them, I might stop washing my hair and face. I don’t take my job seriously and now I’m ready for management to know it.

10) Allow the World to Crush Me.
– Every so often, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can literally feel a pressure pushing down on my shoulders. It makes it hard to breathe and sleep, to hold myself up right, and screws up my back. I call it “The Weight of the World” and I have to fight it. Sometimes it’s so hard that I think the world might win, that I won’t be able to push it off, and that I’ll be crushed to death. This year I’m going to give up. I’m going to let the weight of the world crush me.

Did you make any New Year resolutions? Here’s to achieving all of our goals!

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