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Recent Projects 11

I made this padded zipper pouch for my sister-in law! Definitely planning to add something similar to the shop in the near future.

I FINALLY completed my longest outstanding project to date: A t-shirt blanket for my friend Lauren. She let me hold her undergrad shirts captive for over 6 years. The blanket is double sided with a zipper on the bottom so she can tuck a comforter inside and make it extra cozy.

My old boss asked if I would make a travel car mat/carrier for her son! It was pretty fun to make, but I’m not planning to make any more of them. There are pockets under the parking spots, and the it folds into thirds as a small carrier.

I’ve been working on UV activated color-change earrings! These go from white to a deep fuchsia, depending on how much sunlight they’re getting. I have a few colors in the works, and just cast a glitter set last week. I’m still working on getting all the bubbles out, so it might be a little while before these show up in the shop.

I’ve got a couple more projects going that I’m excited to share when they’re done. Have you been working on anything new lately?

Recent Projects

I turned an XLT button up shirt into a dress. I mentioned it in this comic.

I designed some fabric for my husband’s cousins featuring their cute little pup, and made laptop sleeves with it!

A trio of travel bags for my friend’s mum:

And a couple of bags for my friend! I found this sweet fabric at a cute little store in Littleton, NH and picked up a fat quarter bundle with every color :D

I got a custom order request at the farmer’s market last weekend for, essentially, a much larger version of my zipper pouch pattern with a handle. So, a wristlet! I made a prototype immediately, and I’m trying to decide if I want to re-introduce wristlets back into the shop.

I hilariously forgot to order more bag labels before I ran out, so I’m kind of at a shop stand still right now. Oops! I have about ten which I’m saving in case I get any special order requests before the new ones come in. The good news is that I’m completely wiping out my “Outstanding Projects” list! Completely. Everything is getting done. And I’m working on developing a few new items for the shop :)

Recent Projects

I made some cool bags for my sister-in-law with this AMAZING Beauty and the Beast fabric she nabbed:

I took a special order for some mustache pencil cases:

I used some Harley Davidson bandannas to make mini pouches and makeup bags for a former coworker:

I went on the hunt for Bruins fabric, also for a former coworker:

I spent some time time designing Tofu fabric for my husband’s cousins! Tofu is their adorable pup :D

I still have a couple of long-outstanding projects I’m planning to wrap up this year, so keep en eye out for those!

Recent Projects

Another diaper bag project. This one I left open and gave it a couple of snaps to hold is closed. It makes the construction a little easier, but I have some new ideas for adding zippers to large bags in the future ;)


More chia heads!


Stuffed whale for my friend’s boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend’s baby :)


Bag for my Mom! It has an extra long strap (a comfortable 64 inches) to accommodate her orangutan arms (her mother’s words, not mine). I always worry when I make her something that she won’t like the print. And she has one of those faces where she can’t really hide her disappointment. But I think she really likes this one! I made a matching makeup bag and clutch to go with it.

LONG strap

Extra long knitting needle pouch. This is the third request I’ve had for one of these, so maybe I should start carrying them in the shop..?


And I still have an essential oil bag project and a fanny pack to work on!

What have you been making lately?

Recent projects

A prototype art supplies bag for my boyfriend’s aunt:


Special orders for a super sweet woman my mom works with!



photo 1

A birthday gift for my Dad. It glows in the dark. And includes Pluto. Science may have downgraded it but if my Dad learned it was a planet in school and I learned it was a planet in school then it will go on any planet shirt I make.

photo 3

Another birthday gift for Dad! They’re just tactics and Excedrin Migraine.


And Gloria got her first hair cut. (Also, I named my chia head “Gloria.”)

photo (2)


What are some of your recent projects?

Recent projects: diaper bag

A former co-worker of mine asked if I could make a diaper bag for her. I try to stick to small bags; my work space isn’t very large and I can get frustrated (read: rageful) trying to feed a large piece of fabric through my sewing machine (hits the wall, gets stuck, has a mind of its own, I get jabbed with pins. It can get ugly). But I also want to challenge myself, so I’ve tried to say yes to bigger projects lately. And thus, I made a diaper bag.

She wanted it 18 x 13 x 6, and it finished pretty close. 17 inches across, 5.5 inches deep at the bottom, and it stands 12 inches tall. I can factor in seam allowances easy peasy for smaller bags, but I forget that larger bags need a little bit more room in the pattern.

She wanted outside pockets with handles above, and an adjustable strap.

photo 3

And then some smaller pockets inside with a zipper pocket (every lady needs a zipper pocket in her bag so I was going to put one in no matter what).

photo 5(Filled it with books to test shape and stamina!)

Thinking on functionality, I used a double-pull zipper for the top so it can be opened and closed from either side, and used a zipper with a longer pull for the inside pocket. I don’t have any kids, but I can imagine that I’d want an easy-to-grab zipper if I had an upset baby in my arms.

photo 2(Taken before I sewed up the bottom.)

The only part I’m not sure about is the adjustable strap. I needed to add a ring at the ends of the zipper for the strap to clip onto, and they came out a little weirder than I’d anticipated.

photo 2 (1)(Not the clearest of pictures.)

I think if I make another bag like this in the future I will consider making the double handles either adjustable or longer and leaving off the strap all together. I’ll skip the zipper going across the top, and I’ll shave the side edges a little so it doesn’t jut out so much at the top.

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