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Fluff: A Formal Introduction

At the end of December, we adopted a cat from my friend. Her name is Lady Fluff, Fluff for short (Puff if you’re my mom), and she’s presh to death. We didn’t know we could love an animal as much as we love this curious little fluffball.

When we first got her, she spent a lot of time hiding under Norm’s legs.

She drinks out of a teacup on the coffee table. She had a water bowl, and we tried two different fountains, but she wasn’t having it. We upgraded her to a giant cup and a towel place-mat.

First trip to the vet! Very suspicious.

She likes to check out what I’m working on.

She’s into games just as much as Norm!

She got a hair cut for the summer. And then got her first bath on the same day! As you can see, she loved it.

Snooze time.

Tuckered out from destroying some paper.

I still don’t know how this happened.

What is this trickery?!

Norm got Snapchat just to send me cat snaps!

I started making videos when she tries new food. She makes the BEST faces, and I’ll share them as soon as I figure out how to get them out of my phone.

And that’s Fluff!


Funny situations starring Panda!

Considering my parents got a new grill in November, this is long overdue.


I had the perfect opportunity to stick Panda in the new grill this past weekend while my parents were away on a cruise.  I wanted to shut him in but I couldn’t figure out how to take that shelf out. He got lucky.


As revenge, Panda decided to make up his own game. I call it “Spot the Panda in the Clean Laundry,” where he stretches his grubby, smelly little body out over my clean clothes.


He knows he’s been caught. You can see it in his eyes. And yet? He did not move.

By Sunday, I was non-stop Snap Chatting photos and videos of him. Exclusively.

But just look at that tongue! He did that for almost 20 minutes!

Oh, Panda. Who will I hang out with / stash in weird places when you retire to the pet grave? The fish..?

The new hamper adventure.

My parents went shopping this weekend for some new fall fashions and came home with a new hamper. Say what you will about hampers, I love them! If there is one thing I look forward to buying for my very own home / apartment / not my childhood bedroom in my parents basement, it’s a hamper. And what do we do when my parents buy new things?

Funny Situations Starring Panda!

Hamper 3

He did that hilarious thing where he tries to splay out his little toes in an effort to avoid being lowered into a confined space. Oh, Panda!

Hamper 1

What I really like about this hamper is the separating bag things so you don’t have to rummage around a big pile of dirty laundry trying to keep the colors out of the bleachables. Obviously, Panda had to go in with the towels and socks.

Hamper 4

He loves me. I swear.

Panda’s new name

Oh, Panda!


Some of you know and some of you might not, but my little buddy Panda is actually named Bailey. I just call him Panda.

photo 2

Which is probably pretty confusing for him. Luckily for me, I don’t care.

Ahahahahhaha. That was mean.

But a couple of months ago I said to myself, “Kerry. Why don’t you get that smelly little pile of fuzz a new name tag? Maybe he will be less confused!”

photo 3

I don’t know if you’ve even used a pet-tag making machine before but they are really neat! And maybe you’re like, “Uhm, Kerry. You’re simple.” This may be the case. But if you aren’t finding joy in even the smallest things in life then what are you doing? You’re doing life wrong, that’s what you’re doing! And I just don’t have time to do it wrong.


Look how much happier he is!

Now, his new name tag was short lived. Only about 3 weeks. As it turns out, to change your pet’s name you have to get a new pet license from the town hall and update all of their medical records. Pfffft. No. So we had to switch back to the old tag. But for those 3 weeks, my Dad and I had a BLAST trying to see how long it would take my Mom to notice aha.

Next I’m going to get him one that says, “YOLO.” What would you change his name to?

I have a mean fish.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I got some fish for Christmas. First I was like, “OH MY GOODNESS THESE ARE SO LITTLE AND CUTE! I’M GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN WATCHING THEM!” But then I was like, “Awe peas. I have to keep these things alive.”

I gave them until the end of January. Mystery among mysteries, though, they are still alive!

Feel free to be surprised and impressed. I know I am.

But now I have a different problem. I have a bully fish.

Exhibit A: Margaret the Mean Fish.

photo (2)

Originally I had two fish: Max and Margaret (named for the characters in Rushmore). They were super happy and best friends. Obvi. Then in January we decided to get them a little friend. I wanted a tiger fish but then I found out that they’re mean and will nip at and can eventually eat the other fish. So I got this funny little see-through guy and named him Tiger.

photo (3)

Genius, I know.

Tiger had some issues when he came home. Margaret didn’t like him and chased him away when it was fish flakes time. He basically gave up eating and I have no idea how he’s still alive because I’ve almost never seen him eat. I even tried different food but he just stays away from it. I think he snacks on the soggy bottom flakes (I call them trash flakes) because Margaret doesn’t want those.

Last week I noticed that Max was missing the end of his tail. Just the littlest bit. And I said, “Hey! What’s going on here?” But no one answered because they’re fish and I probably look like a monster through the tank walls.

Look at him now!

photo (4)

Most of his tail is MIA, he’s missing pieces from his top and bottom fins, and the side fin on his other side is almost completely gone! Naturally I thought it was Margaret, since she has a history of being mean for no reason (see Tiger story above), but Sunday I caught that little scoundrel in action. I watched her corner Max, nip off a piece of his fin, chew it, and spit it out at him. No joke.

I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping everything will cool off in the tank, but if Margaret nips Max to death I’ll be so upset. I should probably start planning the funeral  but if anyone knows how I can make my fish BFFs again please let me know!

Panda learns to drive.

With my parents away last weekend and no one to tell me, “No,” I thought I’d teach Panda to drive!

He had to stand on my lap because his feet don’t reach the pedals. Obviously.

photo (9)

Panda, the destroyer.

We had especially bad weather today. Lots of rain and lots of thunder. And this little guy:


hates thunder. When we’re home it’s not that bad. Panda will jump in our laps, hide under my desk, hide behind my mom’s printer. But when he’s home alone, it’s a different story.

This is what my mom found when she came home today:


He had a rough day.

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