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Birthday Planning, Part 4

The party was a blast! We had pizza, sushi, fruit kebabs, vegan cupcakes (wanted to make sure our vegan family members could enjoy them, too), pasta salad, and of course Mountain Dew.


Group Texting

My parents recently re-vamped their front garden. My brother, Bob (aka Robert) and I were there for the first part, but my Dad sent us a group text of the finished garden. For some completely unknown reason, he included my Mom in the group as well.

mass text


Mom’s Meetings

Mom's Meetings

Mom capsizes a kayak.

Yesterday was so beautiful that my parents went kayaking. And somehow my mom tipped hers over. Now, the way she tells it, she started to tip a little bit and in her panic to right herself actually pushed herself in. But that’s pure speculation, based solely on the recap from the only person who really knows what happened. We may never know the truth about what happened out there on that beautiful, calm water.

What I can tell you based on the conversation we had after the fact is that my mom’s will to live has its limits.

Mom capsizes a kayak 001

Missing wine mystery solved.


Wine incident

Gotye + Call Me Maybe + Mom = confusion.

I posted this video on my Facebook because I really like the song (and then spent the next half hour/ 45 minutes hunting for a download). And my Mom, upon seeing it, came all the way down stairs to discuss it with me. That’s a long trip for her, and I actually thought something was wrong.

“Kerry, I just watched that video. So what happens, if she pushed that button then the police were going to come for her?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well because at first I thought she called the police, but then I saw the box and I thought it had to do with that button!”

“Uhm, yes? I really don’t know.”

“Ok but THEN I thought, well why couldn’t they push the button? What do you think it all means?”

“I didn’t really watch the video. I just like the song.”


“What’s wrong?”

“I thought it was deeper than that.”

I kind of feel bad that it wasn’t  deeper than that.

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