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The 100 Day Project

When my friend, Carolyn from over at SweetCarolyns asked me to do the 100 Day Project with her, I said, “What the heck is that?”

Turns out, it’s a project where you commit to doing something creative every day for ONE HUNDRED days. Whoa. Yikes. That’s quite a commitment. So I said yes and here we are!

I decided that my project would revolve around fabric design. I design mostly in paper, I can probably make a paper design every day. BUT WAIT! I know that if I miss a day, I’ll be so bummed out that I might just give up. I know me, and I know how much I like to give up. So I committed to 100 new designs IN 100 days, not necessarily one every day. This lets me stack up on days when I’m feeling extra-creative, and then post along with the project.

It started April 2nd, so it should end sometime in July. Here’s some of my creations so far:

I made this moon, the winner out of the 8 different moons.

A kiwi bird that looks kind of like a kiwi fruit.

Bananas! I don’t like them but I think they’re funny.

Orange and purple carrots, because I’m trying to grow multi-colored carrots in my garden this year.

You can learn more about The 100 Day Project on their official website:

You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtags #The100DayProject and #The100DayProject2019

And you can check out my progress HERE and Carolyn’s progress HERE. She’s been doing some sweet cross stitching!


So you’re having a birthday party…

but can’t find just the right invitations. That’s ok because today on the Tragic Whale, we’re going to learn how to make our own!

First, you’ll need some paper. I used a 25-sheet assortment of crazy animal print card stock that I found at Michael’s. I like card stock because it’s durable, aka less likely to get creased just by touching it and won’t wrinkle up when you put glue on it (unless you use too much glue, so don’t do that).

Next, cut out some rectangles. I always vote paper cutter because I can’t cut in a straight line. I made these cards 5×7 inches, that way I could get two cards per sheet with minimal waste.

Now, fold your cards! You end up with a little 3.5 x 5 inch basic paper card. Boring.

Enter weird paper cutter things and paper scraps. I love paper, and I save all my scraps!  I don’t know why. Every so often I have to go through the scrap drawer and just toss the ones that are too small to do anything with. Which is always most of them. Anyway, take some of those scraps and doll them up with the paper punch things (if you have them).

Glue them on!

And finish with something you like, or something party themed. I chose a whale in a party hat (obviosuly) but you could put a star fish for a beach party, someone’s initial, an apple (apples to apples party), a cupcake, a dog. Anything!

And we’re done! We have our own unique party invitations!

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