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First Trip to York

We spent the weekend in York, Maine to celebrate our friends’ wedding! Usually we stay in Ogunquit so it was nice to have a reason to try somewhere new. We stayed at the Union Bluff Hotel and had a great view of the water and the beach.

We got salt water taffy from The Goldenrod, had pizza at Woody’s, and grabbed ice cream from Wicked Good Ice Cream.

Our friends rented a house right on the water for the celebration. It had a million rooms, a million and one balconies, and ocean on 3 1/2  sides. It felt like the edge of the world. It was magical.

It was a super fun weekend and we’re already talking about going back!


Chloe in Love

Chloe in Love… A Tragic Whale Story


Ever since she was a young thing, Chloe wanted to be loved.


She had her first kiss in the second grade with a charming little boy whale by the name of Theodore.


He moved away soon after.

Theodore promised to write big, choppy letters with a misshapen, second-grader’s alphabet as often as possible. Chloe promised to dictate legible responses to her dad as he typed them on the computer for her.

Theodore’s plane crashed. All perished.

It took a long time and many years, but Chloe was finally able to stop crying and move on with her life. Albert was her new Theodore, and she promptly started wearing makeup.

At 28, Albert was ten years her senior and an international business phenomenon. He traveled the world on a daily basis. Terrified of planes, Albert always traveled by boat.

Chloe was sure Albert would propose to her, they were SO in love!

Meanwhile, somewhere in the North Atlantic…

Albert’s ship was crashing into an iceberg. Considering first that the ship was rumored to be unsinkable, and second that everyone on board was a whale, it was a mystery as to how they all perished.

But they did.

Chloe slumped into a terrible depression. She lost vast amounts of weight and became, accidently, whale-orexic.

Her parents sent her to rehab to get whale-y again.

It took two years, but Chloe was finally back to her old self. Plus, she’d met, and fallen in love with, a very attractive rehab attendant. His name was Arty.

Chloe had found the love she’d been searching for her entire life. The deaths of Theodore and Albert were blessings in disguise; Arty was the real deal.

Arty was thoughtful and made Chloe laugh. They planned to live happily ever after.

Almost out of nowhere, a shark appeared and gobbled them up. They died together.

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