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Goals of 2015

At this point, I feel like any goals or resolutions I aim for is just a set up for my own public shaming at the end of the year. “These are all the things I want to do!” turns into “So, about how I did non of that…” But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that if I share my ideas online I’ll be more likely to achieve them. Ah ha ha ha ha. Humans, the silliest of animals!

Things I want to work on:

– Being less rigid. I stubbornly cling to this weird set of rules I hide in my head about how life should be. How things should be cleaned. How beds should be made. How a room should be set up. Part of this is a result of my childhood. Old habits are hard to break, but I will try to loosen up.

– Stay focused and hungry. I left my job at the end November (2014) to pursue my dream of running my own small business. It’s hard. I should have planned more. But I have forced myself to work smarter and harder, and I will pour myself into this until every resource has been exhausted and I’m forced to take up a “real” job again.

– Be more forgiving of myself and less forgiving of others. I beat myself up over everything. “Should I have let that car go ahead of me?” “Was I nice enough to the cashier at the grocery store?” But then I give every allowance to others. “She probably cut me off because she had a crappy driving teacher.” “He probably didn’t have a positive male role model growing up to teach him to hold the door for others.” It’s not healthy to pummel myself but come up with excuses for , what feels like, the rest of the world. If you’re being a jerk it’s because you are choosing to be a jerk.

Things I intend to continue doing:

– I maintain that food is not hot enough unless it burns the roof of my mouth. Especially pizza. I will breathe fire on the first bite, every time, and it will be glorious.

– Listening to the same 3 songs on repeat for days straight (weeks or even months if it seems necessary). If you love it, listen to it. Uninterrupted by sub-par music. I will learn every word, every whisper, and I will sing along terribly until those 3 songs are dead to me and I find a new set to obsess over.

– Drinking Mtn Dew when I want to. I like it.

Did you set any goals for yourself this year that you already know you won’t follow through on?

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