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How The Green Mile was named.

Watching television with my Mom last night…

The Green Mile


Anna Karenina

I recently discovered that Anna Karenina, probably my favorite giant Russian novel, has been made into a movie. In my excitement I sent a mass text to 20 of my closest friends, including the one I was sitting next to. This is the stick-figure dramatization of the conversation that followed with my brother:

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer!

It hits the US November 16th. And like every film I’m dying to see it will only be in select theaters.

You just can’t make it easy for me, can you Movie Industry?

Moonrise Kingdom

It has recently been brought to my attention (12 hours ago) that Wes Anderson not only has a new movie, but it’s already in theaters.

And I need to see this. Like, yesterday.


a page from my notebook

It’s hard for me to map out ideas on the computer, even with all of today’s technology. Almost all of my posts start off as a quickly scrawled overview or poor doodle in my blog notebook. Here’s a page from it. As you can see, my hand writing is atrocious.

This was going to be a short of my brother and me at the movies, but I probably won’t do anything else with it now, since I’m already sharing it with you. We laugh, a lot. Often at things that aren’t conventionally funny, intended to be funny, and/or that no one else thinks is funny.

Sometimes we try to stifle ourselves first but usually we just let it happen. And sometimes it’s just his big, booming laugh that gets me going and then we can’t stop.

Best of all is when other people become noticeably upset. Oh, I’m sorry. Did you go to the movies to NOT have a good time? Pfft. Even if the movie sucks I know we’ll be laughing!

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