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And now for something completely different-

A man with two noses!

Just kidding. But I thought I would share a NICE work story! Some days are rough. It’s like bullets of negativity are coming from every direction. And then someone will say something so incredibly nice that nothing else matters.

work stories 20Has anyone unexpectedly brightened your day lately?


Work story, 19

The case of the “wrong” number…

work stories 19

Work Stories, “What about my cane?”

work stories 17

The Halloween Orca

I’ve never been a huge fan of dressing up, but when I started working for the RMV and heard that we could dress up for Halloween I was ALL OVER it. Why? Simple. It’s very cold in our office and with the right costume I can wear my hood at work. All. Day Long.

The last two years I went as a shark, but I decided to change it up after watching a killer documentary on Orca whales. They are so smart and great problem solvers!


For example. You’re an Orca and you love eating baby seals. They are just so yummy. Only problem? They hang out mostly on and near land. Yikes. How are you going to nom that little sucker?


Solution: throw yourself onto the shore, snag a seal pup, and wiggle back into the ocean.

And don’t forget to let it swim around a bit, and toss it into the air a few times before biting it in half! Because there is nothing better than playing with your food.


I tried to get some good action shots at work, but obviously I had to wait until we had a customer-free office.

One of my co-workers, Marylou, who specifically requested a blog shout-out, referred to me as a shark 4 times. Totally ok, since I have teeth and a fin like a shark. Even the penguin guess made sense. The ones that  made less sense were, “Barney,” “Pajamas,” “a witch, or maybe a devil because of the things around [your] head,” and “a sheep.”

photo (16)

My favorite was from this guy who asked if I was wearing a costume, followed by, “Are you supposed to be a sunflower?”

“I’m supposed to be a whale!” I said.

“Why do you have petals around your face?”

“Those are supposed to be teeth,” I said.

“Oh, hmm.”

This last picture is part of my imaginary PSA for Right Whale and Roseate Turn plates. It seemed appropriate.


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I’m taking creative suggestions year-round for next year’s sweatshirt costume!

Work stories: The maiden name dilemma.

work stories 08

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