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Writing thank you notes

I feel like I struggle with a lot of things that come naturally to other people. Things I know I shouldn’t struggle with, like walking, telling time, differentiating between left and right, and writing thank you notes.

It takes me hours to write just a couple. I have to plan out what I want to say in my head, write it on scrap paper, then write the note. And the writing is probably the hardest part because 1) my hand writing leaves something to be desired, 2) I’m not a strong speller, and 3) sometimes my hand moves faster than my brain. As in I write the wrong word or just a jumble of letters.

This one took me 3 tries:


And one of those times I misspelled “Kerry”. Yeah, you read that right. I got my own name wrong.

Here are tonight’s casualties:


It took ten cards to write 4 notes. HashTag KerryProblems.



My friend Jay shared this adorable necklace with me last week:

This ornament is beautiful:

And this print is to die for:

It reminds me of the ship from The Life Aquatic!

Hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly :)

10% off in the shop today!

Just wanted to let everyone know that The Tragic Whale is kicking off the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping season with 10% off! Head on over to the shop and use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to save. Happy shopping!

We’ll also have discounts for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, so keep an eye open for upcoming coupon codes :)

Clearance event in the shop!

I’ve been thinking that instead of offering a BUNCH of different bags in my shop that I’m going to start focusing on just a couple of styles. And to get ready for the new inventory I’ve been working on, The Tragic Whale Etsy shop is having a clearance event! EVERYTHING has been drastically reduced to move.

So go check it out, tell your friends, and help me make room for some new stuff!

Father’s Day with the Bazinets.

Yesterday, this happened:

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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