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The Halloween Orca

I’ve never been a huge fan of dressing up, but when I started working for the RMV and heard that we could dress up for Halloween I was ALL OVER it. Why? Simple. It’s very cold in our office and with the right costume I can wear my hood at work. All. Day Long.

The last two years I went as a shark, but I decided to change it up after watching a killer documentary on Orca whales. They are so smart and great problem solvers!


For example. You’re an Orca and you love eating baby seals. They are just so yummy. Only problem? They hang out mostly on and near land. Yikes. How are you going to nom that little sucker?


Solution: throw yourself onto the shore, snag a seal pup, and wiggle back into the ocean.

And don’t forget to let it swim around a bit, and toss it into the air a few times before biting it in half! Because there is nothing better than playing with your food.


I tried to get some good action shots at work, but obviously I had to wait until we had a customer-free office.

One of my co-workers, Marylou, who specifically requested a blog shout-out, referred to me as a shark 4 times. Totally ok, since I have teeth and a fin like a shark. Even the penguin guess made sense. The ones that  made less sense were, “Barney,” “Pajamas,” “a witch, or maybe a devil because of the things around [your] head,” and “a sheep.”

photo (16)

My favorite was from this guy who asked if I was wearing a costume, followed by, “Are you supposed to be a sunflower?”

“I’m supposed to be a whale!” I said.

“Why do you have petals around your face?”

“Those are supposed to be teeth,” I said.

“Oh, hmm.”

This last picture is part of my imaginary PSA for Right Whale and Roseate Turn plates. It seemed appropriate.


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I’m taking creative suggestions year-round for next year’s sweatshirt costume!


Wednesday whale love, pumpkin edition.

This one is from Talk 2 the Tree‘s pumpkin carving contest from last year.

Jonah and the Whale is a cute idea:

What whale/ pumpkin post would be complete without a Fail Whale?


Wednesday whale love: whale costume edition.

With only two weeks until Halloween, it’s time to start seriously thinking about a costume. If  you were thinking about going as a whale, here are some great costumes I found.

This is the most realistic one I came across:

Gotta love Green Peace for making great statement costumes.

This blue whale is super cute! But I can only image how hard it would be to maneuver around a party while wearing it:

I want to get this for Panda!

Normally I don’t like Orca whales because they’re so mean, but at the expense of making Panda look adorable? C’mon. I can’t hate on that.

Happy costume hunting!

Gram and the shark costume…

When my Gram was in rehab they gave her these foam squares to squeeze to exercise her hands. She spent more time trying to give them away than she did squeezing them because they “made her hands tired.”

I probably should have included in the comic that when I told my Gram that I’m exactly the same size she said, “Oh, that just can’t be true. Were you this big at Halloween?”
Me: “Gram, I’m not big at all!”
Gram: “Bigger than you were, though.”
Me: “I’m the same size!”
Gram: “Oh, no. That can’t be true.”

She’s a riot.

OF COURSE I’m wearing the shark costume again this year. It’s the ONLY way I’m allowed to wear a hood all day at work ;)

Shark! Shark!

I normally don’t do anything fancy for Halloween. I don’t dress up because I can never think of anything clever to be. One year I was Liz Lemon and everyone thought I was just myself with frizzier hair. Many years I was a witch. Boring.

This year, I’m a Shark!

(As you can see, I still haven’t fully restored my room to “clean” status.)

Yeah! And I made cup cakes to bring to work. With zombies reaching out of them! Grrrrrr. That’s what they’re saying.

I saw some like this on Craftgawker (a wonderful website of craft ideas and links to original articles!) a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it. This is the actual post about them. Apparently they should have had elbows.

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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