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Wednesday Whale Love :)

Look at this cute office organizer:

It would go perfectly with the tape dispenser we made on Monday!

This is a cute idea for the tub:

And these greeting cards are just adorable!

And eco-friendly!


I miss you like this whale misses life.

I have a drawer filled with cards and post cards but I still really prefer to make my own out of card stock. I’m not too creative with them, mostly just cutting a rectangle and folding it in half, but with so many different paper prints the possibilities are really endless.

With a stack of blank boring cards, I got to thinking: “How can I make these better?” Plus I needed a break from sewing (still working on BALANCE).

I did some stamping:

And some cutting and gluing:

And some type-writer-ing (my type writer finally got it’s own permanent home in my room but STILL wasn’t getting used):

And then I had my very own Tragic Whale greeting cards:

My mom, “I don’t get it. It would make more sense if the whale was dead.”

Me, “It is.”

My mom, “Maybe you could do something to make it look dead, Kerry. No one’s going to know it’s a dead whale.”

Me, “It has Xs for eyes.”

My mom, “What, does that symbolize death?”

Me, “Yes. Yes it does.”

My mom, “Is that new?”

Me, “No.”

My mom, “Well, you learn something new everyday. HA HA HA it’s clever because it’s dead.I like it.”

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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