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Gram is “just fine!”

When ever I call my Gram (or my parents call her) and I ask how she is, she always (ALWAYS) says, “Well, better.” As if to imply that she has been ill. She started this around the time my parents switched from inviting her to dinner 6 nights a week to 3ish. She’ll elaborate by explaining that she doesn’t know what to do with all the sticks she collected from her yard (she keeps them in the garage) or her house is dirty (she literally sweeps dirt under the rugs) or her car is broken (the dash is lit up like a Christmas tree and she refuses to have it looked at). None of which have anything to do with health or well being.

This was not the case when I talked to her yesterday.



Gram’s Holiday

St. Patrick’s Day has always been my Gram’s holiday. Her favorite color is green, her house is perpetually covered in Irish decorations, and her mother came to America from Ireland (oversleeping and missing the Titanic, no less! (allegedly)).

She used to throw a party where she’d make her Famous Green Drink (Sprite with food coloring) with green ice cubes. She called last week to get my address. For these shenanigans:

photo (1)

Shamrock glitter EVERYWHERE. Glitter is the bane of my existence. But how can I get mad at the woman who will greet every caller today with “Happy St. Patrick’s day! Have you got your green on?!”

Of course I do, Gram!


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