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Free shipping for April

Over the hiatus, I temporarily shut down my etsy shop. I decided that if I was taking a creative break, that would include answering emails and packaging products. Ok, ok. Really I just wanted to be lazy for a bit.

Well we’re back up and running. While there aren’t any new products (yet), I did make some changes to shipping. The Tragic Whale will no longer ship out of the United States.

Such a bitch move, I know. But I don’t understand those customs forms! If you say it’s a gift, it costs a normal amount to ship. But if you said it’s merchandise it’s, like, an extra $40! I don’t want to lie, but I also don’t want to ask someone to send me their first born in exchange for a $10 change purse. So, at least for now, I’m just going to be a jerk and not ship out of the country.

Also, you can’t add package tracking outside of the country! I understand it, but I hate it. How will I know if my product made it to its destination?! Oh, US Postal Service. I love you, but sometimes you make it hard.

The good news is FREE SHIPPING for all of April!

I waited a day to announce it so no one would think it was a joke :)


This week on The Tragic Whale…

I’ve got a lot of good stuff for you guys this week. Today I updated the “About” page, making it generally better.  There’s a bit more history now and an updated picture of me (since I got contacts and don’t really wear my glasses anymore!) Anything I missed but you want to know? Get at me.

I also added a “Gift Shop” page with a link to my etsy shop where I’ll be selling Tragic Whale related goods. Check them out! Here’s a picture to help you find the updated/new pages:

I also cleaned up the Categories section a bit aka I gave “Fashion Advice” its own link.

And the line up for the week is (DUN DUN DUN):

Monday: a new fashion Advice from Mom

Tuesday: a new Tragic Whale story

Wednesday: Wednesday Whale Love, the second addition

Thursday: a short about a grill

Friday: book review of Cloud Atlas

That’s right, folks! I’m aiming for a POST EVERY DAY! Can she do it? Check back and find out :)

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