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Shopping Adventures

Generally when I shop, I’m a neat and conscientious shopper. If I change my mind, I like to put the item back where I got it or wait until I get to the register and hand it to the cashier. I don’t disrupt displays and sometimes I’ve been known to block shelves while I browse (for you non-retail workers out there, that’s where you pull all the things forward to make it look neat).

But all bets are off when I’m with one of my very dearest friends. While I don’t usually help her, I am the designated photographer. Here are some simple rules we follow to maximize our shopping experience together:

1) Touch everything. I do this anyway, but it’s more fun with my friend. How do you know what something feels like if you don’t touch it? How do you compare textures? It’s totally ok to rub things on your face. Or each other’s faces. And while almost every one else shirks away, she is always ready to have her nose pinched with tongs or grabbers.

2) Displays should also convey the use of an item. How can you possibly imagine what these pig candle holders are for if they aren’t holding candles?


My friend sang “everybody gets a candle!” as she gave everyone a candle. She does a lot of singing.

3) Also, all candles are for smelling. Especially the gross ones. Then have your friend smell it. Then talk about how gross it is!

4) Take pictures with everything you love.

Friend: “Oooooh what is this?”
Me: “A dish? A turtle dish? To hide things in!”
Friend: “Where would you put it?”
Me: “On the turtle shelf.”
Friend: “What would you put in it?”
Me: “All the smaller turtles I’ll have to move out of the way to make room for this turtle dish. It’s a small shelf. Plus: what’s in the dish? Surprise! More turtles!”
Friend: “Let’s take a picture with it!”


She has a whole collection of herself sitting in tiny chairs :D

5) Giant letters are for making giant words.



6) Everything needs a pattern. If it doesn’t have one, feel free to give it one.


7) All glitter is for touching. Even if you hate glitter (like I do!). Find it. Touch it. Share it.

What are some things you do when you’re out shopping?


“This is why we can’t bond.”

Words with friends. Standing in the way of mother-daughter friendships everywhere. words with mom

Happy Thanksgiving!

Partly inspired by Brittany over at Shubette Handmade’s Week of Thanks series, I thought I would share some things that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving :)

Indian summer?

Because nothing about that phrase sounds racist.

It was especially warm yesterday, so my friend and I decided to get in one last roller blade of the year. Here are some pictures we snapped along the way :)

We’re always making friends with sea gulls.

Hope you got to enjoy the amazing weather!

Whale mail

Over the weekend I received the cutest little package from my friend, Scott:

Almost as a bonus he triple wrapped it. And I love unwrapping things!

How cute is this guy? And what did I find inside?

Some of the most adorable whale note cards I have ever seen!

Thanks, Scott! I can’t wait to use them :)

Mt. Dew Smuggler

This weekend, I was in a wedding!

It was very exciting because:

1) I got to take Friday off from work to start getting ready.

2) I got to take Saturday off from work for the wedding.

3) It was one of my very best friends getting married!

4) I got to wear a fancy dress.

5) We had a blast!

But I was afraid that Coke products would be served instead of Pepsi. This normally isn’t a problem, except that it’s ALWAYS a huge problem. As we might know, I don’t like a lot of sodas. But as we definitely know, I drink an unhealthy amount of Mt. Dew.

What could a girl do? Smuggle one in, of course.

I left it sitting on the table for a bit before opening it because I don’t really like to drink soda with a meal (unless it’s pizza).

Then my friend Cam said, “Baz, where did you get that soda? You brought that with you. You brought your own soda to a wedding.”

But you know? I don’t think he was surprised.

Louis’s New Friend

Louis’s New Friend… A Tragic Whale Story

Louis traveled aimlessly on his own for several years before finally stumbling upon a new companion.


Judy the Fish had recently lost her entire family to a fishing boat. Louis listened to her story with a sullen look on his face.

Louis informed Judy that all would be fine now; he would keep her as safe as he could. She was so pleased she temporarily changed from purple to red.

She changed back. Louis took a deep breath and dove. Judy followed.

They dove to the deepest part of the sea and warmed their bodies by some heat vents. Judy was glad for the company; Louis was sure he could fall in love.

But Louis, unlike Judy, did not pull oxygen from the water. They were too far down for him to make it to the surface again for air. He smiled his last smile and suffocated.

Judy couldn’t help but feel as though she was doomed to a lonely life of lonesomeness. She gazed down at her dead new friend and debated her next move.

Just then, an Angler fish came out of no-where and charged at Judy!

He speared and ate her. Neither Louis nor Judy were lonely after that.

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