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Mother’s Day Planning

Mother's Day Planning


Missing wine mystery solved.


Wine incident

The alfredo incident.

alfredo incident

The spicy Doritos incident.

What we ate: blue cupcakes!

We had a baby shower at work on Friday and I brought blue cupcakes! I made them the same way I made the rainbow layered cupcakes, except instead of dividing the batter into different bowls I just added more food coloring after each layer.

I was going for a gradient effect, which I got, but I  would have liked it better if I made the layers thinner. There would have been room for them to go from super light to really, really dark!

But they were still a big hit at the party! Every one got eaten!

Have you made any fun snacks lately?

In/out of focus

Things I recently did instead of blogging:

Read pages and pages into the archives of Hello Giggles.

Found out Mindy Kaling has a blog. Skimmed through it, then went back for some more serious reading.

Did so much sewing!

Ate grilled cheese every night for a week :)

Cleaned a bunch of clothes then piled them on my bed.

Made a panoramic of my library (aka my friend made a panoramic of my library while I ducked)

What we ate: quail eggs

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend bought a pheasant and some quail eggs off Amazon. Being a SUPER picky eater, it took me a while to digest (hahaha) that I would have to help consume these strange foods. Luckily, it was more fun / tasty than I thought!

This is the story of the quail eggs.

We made quail omelets! Well, more specifically, we made a single-egg quailmelet (just as cute as it sounds) and tried to make a giant quailmelet but it turned into scrambled eggs. Which are boring.


1 quail egg

1/4 slice cheese
1 tbs milk


Preheat skillet to medium heat.

Crack that egg into a bowl,

add milk,

and beat.

Pour into buttered skillet.

Top with cheese while it cooks. Be quick! It’s so small it’ll be done in 2 minutes!

Fold into an omelet shape (mine always come out a little blobbish).

Serve and enjoy :)

Quail eggs are delicious! And get very fluffy when they cook. When we tried to make the giant quailmelet (which was already too big for the pan we were using) it fluffed up so much.

Here’s the scrambled eggs (again) with the pheasant I shared yesterday:

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