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New in the Shop: Earrings!

I’ve been making earrings out of fishing lures for years. My favorites are the Acme Phoebe fish because they have a great shape and come in two different sizes. Whenever I spot them on sale, I grab them to make earrings. I put them away in a little tackle organizer and say, “Someday, I’ll add these to the shop.” I haven’t yet because I’ve always wanted my focus to be bags. But since adding coasters two years ago and sweater pins last yes, I thought maybe it was time to give earrings a go.

I specifically ordered stainless steel earring hooks because I want them to be more appealing to more people. My ears are happy with them so I know other people with sensitive ears will be happy with them, too.

I also made stud earrings with wooden cat buttons, at the request of my friend. I have no idea what the posts are made out of, so I only made a few. I have my own pair that I’ve been wearing around to test and they don’t bother my ears. But if I think I’m going to add more to the shop, I will definitely take the time to ensure that the posts I’m using are hypoallergenic.

They can currently be found in the Accessories Section with the sweater pins!


DIY Fishing Lure Earrings

I think I mentioned before that I used to be BIG into making my own earrings. I wouldn’t wear anything store bought. Today, I’m going to show you how to make my favorite pair, fishing lure earrings! Super simple, and you’re sure to impress strange men who recognize the lures ;)



– earring hooks (aka Findings)
– pliers
– wire cutters
– set of fishing lures. I have almost always used Phoebe. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, are inexpensive, and you can find them everywhere.

Let’s get started!

1) Remove fishing hooks.


I snip them off with wire cutters but if they are attached with a little ring you might be able to use the pliers to twirl them off.


BE CAREFUL! If I had a nickle for every time I pricked myself with one of those fish hooks I would have a whole pile of nickles.

2) Attach to earring hooks.


Use your pliers to open up the earring finding. Make sure you put the lure on in the front-facing direction. Findings are fragile, and if you have to open it back up to flip the fish it might break and you’ll need a new one.

3) Inspect.


Just make sure the lures are on the right way and you didn’t forget to remove any fishing hooks. This might sound silly, since you’ll be able to see these things when you’re making them BUT sometimes I get excited and careless so I figured I should throw this (extra) step in.

4) Sport.


Rock those earrings! See? Super easy! I used to favor a big stainless steel pair, but now I’m partial to these little cuties. My faves are silver colored with a stripe of blue or green on the side.



Let me know if you make your own and if you find any other earring-worthy lures! Happy Thursday!

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