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Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 34

I was going through tag categories last week and thought I would just combine the Fashion Advice in with the rest of the comics since it’s been almost a year since I’ve done one. But then my parents visited for my birthday, and Mom’s advice was reborn.

Also, I somehow lost episode 33. It’s not in the pictures folder so I know I never drew it up, but I know I saw it somewhere…

Anyway, my Mom is back at it!

fashion advice 34



I don’t shower every day. I have weird skin and it gets super dry and kind of gross sometimes so over the summer I decided to switch from every day showers to every other day, to give my skin a break. I also figured that every other day hair washing would  make my hair healthier and less brittle. Both of these things turned out to be true! And while my hair has mostly adjusted to this, I still have the occasional grease-ball day.

Then this happened.

fashion advice 32

Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 31.

I’m 99% sure she’s said this to me before about something else.

fashion advice 31

Leggings in question:

So cool, right?

Fashion advice from Mom

The case of the green dress…

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 27

The case of the cowboy boots…

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 26

The case of the running shorts…

Fashion advice #25

The case of the backward compliment…

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