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Delayed response.

My Mom is the type of person who gets a little hurt when she posts something on Facebook and no one likes it or comments on it. Immediately.

Here’s a perfect example. The other day, she re-posted this cute little cardinal. And after 43 minutes, she could not understand why no one else thought it was cute.

So she commented on it.


I almost liked it, but caught myself because I realized no one else had, and I wanted to see what she would do. But her comment, passively asking why no one agreed with her, was too hilarious. So I liked that, instead!


Annnnnndddd she liked her own comment.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my Mom has a Facebook. I love watching her interact with her friends, get in heated discussions on our town’s Facebook page about what constitutes a “private road,” and (obviously) when she has a post fail. It makes me feel like I’m prepping for teenagers.


“I have an Indian staying with me!”

One of the many posts that make me glad I’m friends with my mom on facebook.


True life: my Mom’s addicted to Facebook slots

Recently, to enable my Mom’s addition to Facebook slots, my Dad signed up for Facebook so he can send her points to play. And I guess he can play, too. But he’s so secretive he added NO information at all and even put in a fake birthday.

Obviously I HAVE to be friends with him. “Dad! Dad! Dad! We can be Facebook friends! Dad! Dad! You can read my blog! Dad! Dad! Dad!”

“Kerry,” he said, “calm down! Besides, you have to find me first.”

“Challenge accepted!” I shouted and ran downstairs.

Ten seconds later I was back in the kitchen. “Found you, ass hole. Now go accept my friend request.”

“Bahahha! Listen to her, so affectionate!” he said. My Gram was frowning.

“Hey, how’d you do that so fast?” My Mom asked. “I tried looking for him and a whole bunch of Dans popped up, but, you know, they were like in Oregon and some shit so I knew it wasn’t him. But it still took me a while.”

“I went to your page, searched your friends, found Dad. DONE.”

“Oh, wow, it’s really that simple?”

And what do I find on his page? This message from my Mom:

Careful of what?!

Oh, Mom.

Mom, “Kerry, Dad and I were reading your blog. And you’re really funny! It just… doesn’t translate in person.”

Me, “…”

Mom, “Kerry, can you show me how to take your pictures of Panda and put them onto my Facebook Web page?”

Me, “Yeah. Go to my page.”

Mom, “Ahuh.”

Me, “With MY picture on it.”

Mom, “Yeah, I’m there. Now what?”

Me,  “See under my picture, there’s a list of things? Look for the one that says ‘photos,'”

Mom, “No. I don’t see that.”

Me, “Under my picture? Are you looking at my picture?”

Mom, “No. I’m looking at mine.”

Me, “Are you on my page?”

Mom, “I’m on my page.”

Me, “Still?”

Mom, “Well I never left it! Just show me later, I’m talking to my friends on my Facebook Web page right now.”

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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