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Milk Bone

When a normal dog is given a milk bone, it eats it. Yum yum yum and it’s gone. Not my dog. First he has to lunge at it and jump away, as if he’ intimidating the bone.

He’ll toss it in the air a couple times and try to catch it. It will either land on the floor or bonk him in the head.

He’ll nab it and gnaw it a bit.

Then he has to roll around on top it, like he’s marking it. We have no other dogs, so I’m not sure who he’s trying to send a message to. He spends the most time on this part – ┬ásneezing and checking the bone often to make sure it’s still there.

When he’s satisfied, he just eats it. Nothing fancy, just crunch crunch crunch and licks up the crumbs. He’ll look at you and cock his head like YOU’RE the crazy one.

My mom thinks it’s because he doesn’t have any dog friends.

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