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Funny Situations starring Panda, part 2

Yes, you’ve guessed it! My parents went on a mini vacation and left some very specific instructions for my brother. “Bob isn’t allowed to have people over. And Kerry isn’t allowed to put the dog in any appliances.” Then my brother posted that on facebook and two things happened:

1) I remembered (because I had actually forgotten!) that I was planning another “Funny Situations” for this very week!

and 2) I thought of some new places to put Panda.

Like in the new cabinet in the bathroom:

And in the oven:

And in the microwave:

(Side note, how cute is that sweater?!)

You might think I’m cruel, but I got him that sweater for Christmas! And I was the only one in the whole family to get him any gifts at all.

And I paid him handsomely for his cooperation in this photo shoot with cheese and dog biscuits.

This is where he asked me to please stop putting him in scary places:

“No, Kerry! Stop it! Just stop!” is what I imagine him to be thinking.

Panda wasn’t hurt before, during, or after these pictures were taken. For the record.


Funny Situations starring Panda

Last year my parents went away around Christmas and this happened:

He also spent some time in a cabinet, the hamper, the dryer, and the dishwasher. I don’t know how it happened, and I don’t know who he got to take the pictures, but needless to say, it happened.

And there’s a lot of potential for more Funny Situations starring Panda this year!

If you were me, and you had a dog you called Panda, and Panda was very trusting of you, and Panda really liked cheese, and Panda would stay just about anywhere if he though cheese would get in his mouth, where would you put him?

Comment or email your suggestions now!

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