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Work story, 19

The case of the “wrong” number…

work stories 19


Work stories 14.

I came up with this brilliant idea at lunch to take the rest of my emergency car tissues, stuff them down only one side of my shirt, and see if anyone at work noticed. The difference wasn’t super obvious head on, but from above there was a solid 2 cup size difference.

One particularly tall customer caught just the right angle.

work stories 14He did not look at me for the rest of his visit, ahaha. So worth it.

Work Stories: my owl sweater.


work stories 13

I didn’t forget to re-draw the sweater. I purposely skipped it because owls are hard for me to draw. True story.

Bernice and the Big “C”

Bernice and the Big “C”… A Tragic Whale Story

Bernice had been working at the DMV for almost a year and the customers were
beginning to wear on her.

She decided to step out back with a couple of her co-workers while on break.

Within weeks, Bernice was out of work and in the hospital. It was hard for the doctors to determine the cause of her symptoms.

Finally, they discovered the problem. Bernice was suffering from cancer.

Bernice didn’t know what to do. Not wanting a slow death surrounded by white coats, she ravaged her hospital room and swallowed every pill she could find.

Unfortunately, the doctor was only moments away from telling her that he had mixed up her X-ray with another patient’s.

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