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Weekend projects & Cyber Monday

I spent the last week or so working on some new projects and new items for the shop. I also had some outstanding projects due to friends and family I wanted to get done so naturally those fell by the wayside. Again.

I think what we’ve learned time and time again is not to ask me to do things. Because, although I’ll do it, it will probably take a year.

Here’s the laptop bag I made for my friend, Claire. The laptop is hiding inside, and then I put a front pocket on for other things. She put some notebooks in it! There’s McFly (her dog) sniffing it out in the background, aha.


And here’s the start of a new project: a wallet. I know how I want it to look and I have patterns for all the pieces. I just can’t figure out how to put it all together yet. But we’ll get there.

And don’t forget it’s Cyber Monday! Use coupon code CYBERTOOTHTIGER to save 20% off your order in the Tragic Whale Shop today through Wednesday :)


10% off in the shop today!

Just wanted to let everyone know that The Tragic Whale is kicking off the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping season with 10% off! Head on over to the shop and use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to save. Happy shopping!

We’ll also have discounts for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, so keep an eye open for upcoming coupon codes :)

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