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Work stories 16.

work stories 16


The cutest veteran: a work story.

Let me tell you about this adorable old man I helped today. And how he reacted when he found out I would not be able to put the Veteran Indicator on his license.

The Veteran Indicator is something that Massachusetts started doing about a year and a half ago. Veterans can show us a copy of their discharge papers, showing they were honorably discharged from service, and then we put this little star with “VETERAN” on their license. Some places, like Home Depot, give discounts to veterans so this is a  handy thing to have. The Registry and the Veterans Affairs Association worked together on this, and the VA has dictated very specifically that we can only accept DD-214s, DD-215s, and certificates of honorary service, which they gave out for World War II.

So the first part of our time together went something like this:

work stories 15 (p1)

His daughter was with him. She was so patient and helpful! She helped collect all of his service-related ID cards out of his wallets. None of them were discharge papers. I took a couple of them over to my manager. Sometimes I think we can’t accept something, but then she sees it and she’s like, “Yeah, this is fine!” And then everyone is happy and smiling and all is wonderful.

Except we totally couldn’t take anything he had with him! Which made the second part of our time together similar to this:

work stories 15 (p2)

His daughter was mortified. And amazing. She was apologizing and trying to coax him out of the building, promising him they would come back because she knew exactly where his paperwork was. I’ve seen frustrated people before. They all react differently. And he was feeble, he spent most of the time sitting, so I didn’t think he was going to hurt me. Technically we’re supposed to call the police when someone mentions a bomb but it seemed a little empty since he could barely walk.

And that’s the story of the first time I was called a slut!

Work Stories: my owl sweater.


work stories 13

I didn’t forget to re-draw the sweater. I purposely skipped it because owls are hard for me to draw. True story.

Work Stories: My unicorn sweater.

Work Stories 12


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