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Shop update: New section!

Introducing the “Re-purposed and Rescued” section!


I have been THROWING myself into my shop (which I think I mentioned before?). I eat, sleep, and breathe sewing. Almost literally. I do this thing where I put unwrapped food in my pockets for snacking, like cookies and bagels, and sometimes when I pull them out they have thread on them. I’m constantly pulling thread off myself at work from the weirdest places, like sweater armpits. Like, how? Anyway, it’s serious.

I’ve been searching for ways to branch out and grow in my shop, and having a section of items made from re-purposed fabric and rescued fabric made a lot of sense. Plus, if I’m using something that would otherwise be discarded I’m helping to reduce waste.

The re-purposed part is self explanatory. I’m taking things and turning them into other things. Like this bag used to be a really nice dress!


I mean, sure someone else could have worn the dress, but how is that fun for me? Exactly. It’s not. Also, it’s so fancy looking! I have a few more dresses waiting to be transformed, as well as some funky cloth napkins.

The rescued fabric bags are mostly comprised of vintage fabric that I don’t have dates for. In my extensive vintage-related research, I learned that (basically) in order to label something as “vintage,” you need to be able to attach a year to it. Like my Vintage 1980s Smurf bed sheets. Or my Vintage 1939 license plate. I can’t do that for, like, any of this fabric. But I did rescue it, and thus “Rescued Fabric.”

As you can see, the section looks a little sparse…


But it will get there! I have to rummage around in my stash for some of the pieces my friend picked up at some thrift stores on Martha’s Vineyard. Eventually, these may become two separate sections. But I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve and I might need the section space for that!

And that’s what’s up. It’s just sew city up in here, kids! Sew city.

whale dolls

Recently, a former professor of mine asked if I could make a whale doll for his grand-baby. Obviously I said yes because I’m all about 1) new sewing projects and 2) whales.

Well, lemme just tell you. Harder than it imagined. Because I imagined this pretty easy. And I’m three deep and it still isn’t a perfect wittle whale.

This first one was just too lumpy. Even full of stuffing, it looked like it had something wrong with it.

Maybe the only good thing about it was that when I showed it to my parents, my Mom loved it! And she took it. It’s her couch pillow now because, “it’s so soft and perfect. I can sleep perfect.” This may very well be the first thing I’ve made that she liked / wanted.

Uhm, this one I made half inside out.

And it was too wide. I didn’t bother to finish stuffing it.

And this one freaking has a nose!

I mean, best so far but it has a nose and I don’t know how! I’m going to tweak the pattern a bit more and see what I come up with.

I also recently discovered safety eyes. So no one has to worry that their grand-baby will choke to death on a lose button. Best part!


As stated in my “About” section, I like to collect things. I have so many collections! Books, wheat pennies, turtle-looking things, rocks, post cards, etc. But some of my favorite things to acquire more of are scissors! Typical Kerry conversation:

Me (looking at scissors at a store): “Do you think I need more scissors?”

Friend or family member: “No.”
Me: “But can a person really have enough scissors?”

F or Fm: “Yes.”

Me: “But what if you need some and the ones you have just aren’t shark enough!”

F or Fm: “You have a lot of sharp pairs of scissors. Don’t buy any more.”

And another:

Me: “Now this is important, when we get to Ikea, DO NOT let me buy their scissors. I already have two sets and I don’t need more of the same ones.”

F or Fm: “Ok, no problemo.”

Me: “YES PROBLEMO! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, I WILL TRY TO SWINDLE YOU. I’m trusting you not to let me buy those scissors.”

Obviously someone failed because I do have the two sets. And I love them.

Here’s most of them!

I like to keep a mug of the best ones on my desk for projects. The rest are in the scissors, tape, and glue drawer just out of reach.

Just today I got a new pair with owls on them! Owls! Right on the blades!

Fancy, huh?

Me: “Ooooh! Do you think I need scissors with owls on them?”

Cousin: “No.”

Me: “Ten year warranty!”

Cousin: “On the scissors or the owls? There better be a warranty on those owls for when they scrape off when you cut things.”

Me: “Yeah.”

You just can’t have too many.

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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