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ruffled wristlet

My cousin came over today and we tried this pattern from BurdaStyle.

The directions were a little confusing, so (naturally) I didn’t really look at them once I figured out what it was supposed to look like when it was done.

And here they are! This one is mine:

And this is my cousin’s. If she had an etsy or blog or website I would link to her. But she doesn’t.

And I’m posting this picture without permission soooooooo… hope that’s ok! But isn’t it beautiful?! You can’t tell by looking but it’s got purple on the inside!


Vacation, day one

I’m still super excited that I’m on vacation, and I had a very productive first day. I cleaned up my room, didn’t drink any soda, hung out with my cousin Heather, and made a pencil case for my other cousin Rachel! I’m teaching Heather how to sew, so while she worked on a pillow case I worked on the pencil case. Lemme show you what I did:

First I attached a little piece of fabric to a little piece of blanket batting. It sort of looked like a mini blanket. For a doll. Or a critter.Then I put some lines on it!

More lines:

It looked like a small quilt. For the inside I used a polka dot print without that quilt shit. It got all sorts of fuzz in my machine. Here are the cut pieces:

I attached all the pieces to a zipper:

And then magically it formed itself into a pencil case:

Polka dot inside happening now:

I tested it out with some markers but then I put the markers back in my marker mug because my cousin doesn’t need any markers. And if she does she’ll have to get them herself.

Oh! And I remembered to wear a dress today!

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