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What we ate, Maple-Glazed Chicken

I don’t know if I’ve said this before (I repeat myself A LOT, in person and in writing), but my friend and I don’t usually have a lot of time to cook before TV starts at 8. On Thursdays. When we cook and then watch TV.

Most of the time we have to choose between slapping some pizza together or missing Community. Even though we can watch it later in the night, it’s still a goal to be done and eating for 8.

This past Thursday I found this quick and easy recipe for Maple-Glazed Chicken on the Food Network’s Site. But we still missed Community!

Basically, you follow the directions and get some yummy chicken and apples all nice and warm and in a bowl.

(My mom said this picture makes my face look weird. Aha.
No, wait. She said that face makes my nose look weird.)

Unless you are Kerry and Jordan, in which case you cut a lot of corners and still get some yummy chicken with some mushy apples in a bowl.

Things we changed:

1) Regular salt was used, and sparingly.

2) We used boneless breasts instead of bone-in thigh or whatever it was supposed to be. I’m sorry, but you first want me to cut boned chicken into chunks and then eat around the bones? Just typing that was too much work.

3) We didn’t take the chicken out of the pan when we cooked the rest of it, which we maybe should have because it ended up a little bit dry.

4) We couldn’t find sage so we used basil. Aren’t all leafy green things basically the same anyway?

If I was to make this again it would not include apples in the finished product.


Columbus Day weekend traveling adventures

We all know that in 1492, Columbus swindled a queen out of some boats and sailed to America where he quickly wiped out some civilizations. Flash forward to 2011, and look! Another Monday off for us! I almost wish more white people would do more bad things so that I could have more Mondays off.

Last year I started my Columbus initiative, where I pick out some people I think are less fortunate than me and try to swindle them out of their land. Just kidding! But I did do some traveling last year, and continued the (budding) tradition this year.

Last year, my friend and I went to Margate, New Jersey, home of Lucy the Elephant! Lucy is a giant, elephant-shaped building. And it was SO COOL! Check it:

Yeah, I know. You’re way jealous that you haven’t been. Ok, but here were some mistakes we made:

1. We drove the six hours down, and seven hours back in one day. ONE DAY.

That was the only mistake! Aside from that it was a blast. This year I went up to Vermont to stay with a friend from college. But instead of driving three hours up and then three hours home, we had a sleep over. With a blanket fort!

Check that thing out! Using the whale blanket for the front was the obvious choice. Who wouldn’t want a whale guarding their blanket fort?

It was hard to get a photo without my friend in it (this might be the only one). He was really proud of our work.

The idea was to build the fort and then have a Community marathon because a) we think that show is great and b) there’s an episode where they build a school-wide fort and this was our tribute.

See? He had to get in every picture.

Building our blanket fort was a lot of fun, and traveling on Columbus Day weekend is a lot of fun (if you like long drives in traffic (which I don’t particularly (but I love driving so I guess it’s a toss up))). I hope I get to take a mini trip next year, too!

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