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Mom’s Meetings

Mom's Meetings


Survey Follow Up

Last week, I got a new credit card in the mail: a replacement card. But it’s for the card I never, ever use so I know it wasn’t compromised. I called to get some clarification and the poor guy on the phone couldn’t answer any of my questions. He was very nice but it was still a little frustrating, so after I thanked him for his time I did the “after phone call” survey and gave the card company all 1s (1-9). I would have given a 9 on politeness or demeanor or anything related to the guy I actually talked to, but it wasn’t an option. The next day, they called me back:
CC Call CenterSpeechless.


Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 33

The lost Fashion Advice has been found!

fashion advice 33

My many faces of fish death

I lose my shit when I lose a fish. Even when I know it’s coming. Tiger was sick for over a month, spent days just laying on the bottom of the tank. A couple times I thought he was dead and it was only when I was trying to scoop him out with the net that he twitched and hung on for a few more days. But when he actually died? Oh my goodness. I reacted as if I found out my dad got hit by a bus. I ugly cried for HOURS. And while I’m crying, I say the craziest things. I tried to illustrate it for you in this comic:

faces of fish death

Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 35

Fashion Advice 35

Fashion Advice from Mom, episode 34

I was going through tag categories last week and thought I would just combine the Fashion Advice in with the rest of the comics since it’s been almost a year since I’ve done one. But then my parents visited for my birthday, and Mom’s advice was reborn.

Also, I somehow lost episode 33. It’s not in the pictures folder so I know I never drew it up, but I know I saw it somewhere…

Anyway, my Mom is back at it!

fashion advice 34

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life…

One Food

Cody, Cody, Cody. It totally works that way.

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