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Columbus Day weekend traveling adventures

We all know that in 1492, Columbus swindled a queen out of some boats and sailed to America where he quickly wiped out some civilizations. Flash forward to 2011, and look! Another Monday off for us! I almost wish more white people would do more bad things so that I could have more Mondays off.

Last year I started my Columbus initiative, where I pick out some people I think are less fortunate than me and try to swindle them out of their land. Just kidding! But I did do some traveling last year, and continued the (budding) tradition this year.

Last year, my friend and I went to Margate, New Jersey, home of Lucy the Elephant! Lucy is a giant, elephant-shaped building. And it was SO COOL! Check it:

Yeah, I know. You’re way jealous that you haven’t been. Ok, but here were some mistakes we made:

1. We drove the six hours down, and seven hours back in one day. ONE DAY.

That was the only mistake! Aside from that it was a blast. This year I went up to Vermont to stay with a friend from college. But instead of driving three hours up and then three hours home, we had a sleep over. With a blanket fort!

Check that thing out! Using the whale blanket for the front was the obvious choice. Who wouldn’t want a whale guarding their blanket fort?

It was hard to get a photo without my friend in it (this might be the only one). He was really proud of our work.

The idea was to build the fort and then have a Community marathon because a) we think that show is great and b) there’s an episode where they build a school-wide fort and this was our tribute.

See? He had to get in every picture.

Building our blanket fort was a lot of fun, and traveling on Columbus Day weekend is a lot of fun (if you like long drives in traffic (which I don’t particularly (but I love driving so I guess it’s a toss up))). I hope I get to take a mini trip next year, too!

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