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Projects: boxy makeup bag

My Mom likes to hold onto things. Forever. As long as it doesn’t break or get a hole in it then it’s still perfectly fine to use. So it should be no surprise that she’s used the same small makeup bag for over 20 years. And she would have kept using it had her friend (Jackie) not made fun of her for it.

She asked if I could make her a new one. I said yes. I showed her my new, big makeup bag. She didn’t like it. So I set to work on a new pattern. Thanks, Jackie.


I decided to make a boxy bag because she wanted the zipper to go down the sides. I used heavy interfacing so it would hold its shape really well, and used nylon lining so that it won’t get stained with makeup.

At one point when I was sewing up corners and turning it right side out, it looked like a little house!


Here it is:


Out with the old and in with the new:


I think it came out a little too tall but being a prototype I expected that might happen. In the future I’ll aim to make them shorter and longer, but my Mom loved this one and that’s all that matters!


Things I did

over the weekend!

My cousin came over and we looked at blogs and did some sewing.

We made matching boxy bags.

I thought about putting away my clean sweatshirts. But then I made some postcards for friends instead.

I made some earring holders. I found that tacky glue works terrible when trying to secure plastic to anything. But hot glue works just fine!

I made some curtains for my Gram’s yellow bathroom and promised to make her a draft snake for the window. And I bought some shipping materials, because in my mind I run a small business. Sales reflect that it’s a tiny business (hahahahaha).

And I worked on new banners, which is why there’s a crying Emily at the top of the page now.


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